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The Gladiolus was one of the three major sources used for making the chopped flowers in Tianwei Township.

Once arriving at the Gladiolus flower bed, the lush green twigs and leaves capture our attention. All of a sudden, we could hardly believe that this is the flower bed that grows the Gladiolus. We thought it were some kind of a vegetable field or something.

Until we found one red gladiolus stem, we could confirm that this is the Gladiolus flower bed. We turned back and found that Mr. Feng and his wife were planting the new type of gladiolus. After

confirming with them, we made a right guess.
The gladiolus was one of the three major sources used for making the chopped flowers in Tianwei Township. Yet, it’s hard to find a flower bed that grows the gladiolus because it cost much for producing the flowers and the price fluctuate greatly. Most of the time, it’s hard to get a good price so many florists decide to plant other flowers instead.

Mr. Feng told us that “Gladiolus was mainly used in Chinese Lunar New Year. Most families would put some gladiolus flowers at home to keep the symbolic meaning of ‘getting promotion’ in the coming new year. During the Tomb Sweeping Day, people will buy some gladiolus flowers to worship their ancestors or pay homage to the gods, and show their sincerity to pay careful attention to one's parents' funerary rites.”



Gladiolus Bulbs

Time-Consuming Smart Planting Techniques

The planting job is very time-consuming with 2 portions of land one at a time, which can be quite hard to complete. Yet, Mr. Feng and his wife succeeded in doing the job together without spending any extra expense to hire a worker.

They tried to loosen up earth while leveling the ground. The last move they did is to curve a V-shaped horizontal block on the field, and then place the bulb’s seeds into the deeper layer in chronological order.

Next, they used the iron goat (the cultivator) to level the ground between two rows of bulbs, and move straight ahead the middle line. After using the iron goat to level the ground, the seeds were covered in soil, which creates a long cropland.

The bulb’s seeds were placed in the V-shaped bottom layer in chronological order.

The iron goat moved between the two rows of seeds in the middle and went straight forward.

What an eye opener it's been for us. We’re allowed to get to know more about how to solve problem with wisdom, and make it simple to create a short to-do list. We don’t have to read many books to know how to do it. All we have to do is to concentrate on our job and think of a way to solve the problem, and then good things will happen. We’re so happy that Mr. Feng and his wife can help us out with our project assignment!


Gladiolus Wiktionary

1. The Gladiolus is also called the Gladiolus gandavensis. Its scientific name is Gladiolus spp., which means the “sword” because the leaves shape like a sword. The Chinese people often call the plant with narrow-leaved shape the “Orchid” so the flower is called the “Gladiolus”.

2. The Gladiolus is often used for making the chopped flower and gardening.

3. The Gladiolus needs to be taken care of with a 24-hour lighting, which means it’s better to have more than 14 hours of lighting each time so that it may boost flower bud differentiation.

4. The Gladiolus can grow better in a perfect place under 24-26℃during the day and 13-18℃ at night.

5. The Gladiolus needs sufficient water to grow, and the root should be kept well-ventilated so it can breathe. The well-drained soil can help the Gladiolus to grow because the soil is rich in Humus.

6. Basically, it takes 60-80 days to make the flower bloom in spring. For those species grown in Autumn, it can make 120-140 days to make the flower bloom.


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1. Photo-shooting was completed on site when we completed the field survey.