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After our interview on the rose flower bed, we went to our next stop at the flower bed of Mrs. Lin Zhu-Xian’s Oriental Lily garden. Mrs. Lin’s lily flower bed covers a large-scale of area; likewise, she only grows oriental lilies in her garden.


In Mrs. Lin’s farm, she grows lilies in her farm by dividing them into several sections. Some corms were just planted in the field, and some are waiting to be harvested. Mrs. Lin told us that “the oriental lily is the type of flower crop that cannot bear heat. To avoid direct contact with the sunlight, most cultivated oriental lilies are placed underneath the black garden mesh netting.”

She said that “It may cost a lot to grow the oriental lily and wait for its production. It will cost more than NT$10 for one imported bulb (corm) from Netherlands, Chili, and New Zealand. The oriental lily can be the most valuable product with the highest average sales price (about NT$80 - NT$100) in current flower market in Taiwan. Yet, the chopped flowers can be most time-sensitive due to its restrictions. Yet, the market price may fluctuate quite obviously, and there’s risk to run a business by growing the oriental lilies.” The oriental lily requires higher standards for its environment survival options. The florist may lose it all if he or she is too careless during the cultivation process, or does not adopt sufficient protection measure to the plants in this stage.

The bulbs for growing the oriental lily were mostly imported from Netherlands, Chili, and New Zealand. The agent can promote its imported bulbs to the florists on its sole discretion. As for the production cost of the oriental lily, most of the cost means the expenditure for purchasing the bulbs. Mrs. Lin said, “We’ve found an empty basket full of the oriental lily’s bulbs on site.”

Day Tour in the Oriental Lily’s flower bed

Empty basket loaded with the bulbs

Identification of the source of the bulbs

Mrs. Lin said, “Before growing the oriental lily, the bulbs must be put in the freezer for a period of time so that the seeds can enjoy a winter sleep. When the seeds were taken out of the freezer, they would think that the weather is warm enough to grow so that the sprouts would grow better and faster.”

Use both organic and chemical fertilizers when applying fertilizers to the plants. The fertilizer can be a pesticide or any agent that can prevent the gray mold disease. To maintain a good-looking appearance for sales, the florist will put a support net to sustain the oriental lily for growing upwards, and will consider adding more support net if needed as the plant grows higher.

During the time when growing the oriental lily, the planting begins in mid-September and ends in early February the next year. Since the temperature may affect the speed of its growth, normally it will take about 3 months to harvest a single oriental lily from its first planting.

It may be very time-consuming during the process of cultivated oriental lilies. Though the florists started to grow the lilies in autumn, they still have to decrease the time for exposure to sunlight, especially during the early planting stage. Until the lily’s bulb develops, the black garden mesh netting needs to be uncovered regularly. Besides, the black mesh garden net may help the lily’s stem to add more height so that under the effect of photoperiodism, stem will grow faster. Therefore, the height of the black garden mesh netting will be extended along with the growing height of the lilies. The florists will remove the black garden mesh netting after 3 weeks when the bulbs were planted in the field.
The oriental lilies will be packed based on levels and sent to the wholesale market in Tianwei to run the auction for selling the flower crop.

The Oriental Lily after harvest and packaging

The black garden mesh netting will exclude sunlight at its first planting.

The small oriental lilies underneath the netting

Fix the support net.

in early puberty


Oriental Lily Wiktionary


1. The flower crop with bulb is the perennial plant with 6 flower petals.
2. The lily is a symbol of holiness in the east and west.
3. The Oriental Lily is the Queen of all lilies. Its flower petals were in full blossom, which exhibits an imposing manner with sweet fragrance.
4. The lily belongs to the autumn flower, which means it grows better in cool weather. The greater the temperature difference between day and night was, the better the place can grow the lily.
5. Bulbs: The upper part is the sprout and the bottom part is its root.
6. The lily prefers fine sand rich in soil with high soil moisture conservation and drainability.
7. Apply sterilizer before growing the bulbs, and place the bulbs in a freezer.
8. Apply proper amount of fertilizers to grow the lilies on a regular basis.
9. The lilies need to be kept in the shade before lighting. Normally, there is a portion of 60% of the flower to be kept in the shade. When the sun is not so strong, the lilies don’t have to be kept in the shade.
10. Normally, it takes 3 months to grow the lily due to its flowering period.
11. After the flower is in full blossom, the lily has consumed lots of nutrition from its bulb. If the bulb should be reused next time, it cannot cultivate the same quality flower as the first harvested lily!

Nobility and Holiness-King of Flowers