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For the garden day tour, we visited Mrs. Liu Shu-Hua's romantic rose garden in the flower bed this time. Mrs. Liu has owned a very special flower bed where she nourish flowers in the greenhouse, and there’s one type of rose she grows called “Diana Rose”.

Normally, the roses were used to make chopped flowers. The red rose symbolizes love so the price goes up, which has become the most expensive red rose sold on Valentines’ Day.


Search for the rose flower bed and the garden owner, Mrs. Liu Shu-Hua


Roses are perennial woody plants, which can be used to make chopped flowers or potted flowers. Roses can also be used to make rose tea with special treatment. When we arrived at the place that day, we saw Mrs. Liu was busy fixing roses she just picked in the garden. Mrs. Liu told us that “roses have thorns so when the florist tried to fix the leaves, they will not fix the thorns.” This is why the roses we bought still have thorns on the stem.

Mrs. Liu told us that “she only grows Diana Rose, and the area of flower bed covers about 7 portions of land. Many wholesale dealers have nominated our shop to deliver them the roses. My roses sold like hot cakes in the auction.” This reminds us once more that specializing in one particular flower crops can help one build up a professional brand image.



Chopped Flowers

Potted Flowers


Mrs. Liu said that “it is not easy to manage the roses grown on the plain especially during the time at high temperature from July to September. The stems of roses are much shorter, and the buds are even smaller so roses have very little economic value. I decided not to pick flowers during the summer vacation for the 3 months so that the flower bed can enjoy the time of peace at rest. During this time, she will apply fertilizer and remove weeds. Until September when the weather gets cooler, she begins to pick the longer thick stem when the stem started to fall apart.”

The roses will grow better in mountain area during July to September. It’s mostly because the roses cannot bear heat. On the plain, roses will look more appealing during autumn and winter. However, the roses grew on mountains may easily be affected by the grey mold.


Diana Rose

Flowering plants


The Meaning of the Rose Colors


Red rose: It was normally used to express the feelings of “love and passion”.
Yellow rose: It can express friendship, amicable mood, and close relationship to stay in touch with people to live at pleasure.
Pink rose: It shows people the sophistication, classic, elegance, and polished manner with a bit of romantic and poetic feeling.
White rose: This type of white rose was normally used on wedding. It represents unity, sincerity, loyalty, and pure love.
Purple rose: It symbolizes majesty and excellency as well as eternal love.
Black rose: It symbolizes death.