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In Tianwei, the Gerbera Daisy is one of the three flower species selected to make the chopped flowers. Carnation (now most florists grow carnation outdoors) and Baby’s breath (Gypsophila) used to be the most planted flowers. Gerbera Daisy has become the top 3 flower crop used for making the chopped flowers in Taiwan. It is the most delicate plant that grows in facility. It may take at least 2 – 3 years to grow the Gerbera Daisy, which means the flowers must undergo high temperature and moisture in summer. Therefore, it is highly recommended that steel frame can be used to build a higher canopy so that it can keep the air in and cool the temperature down in summer.

After several times of visits to the field, we have observed that the most delicate and beautiful flowers require lots of pesticide to prevent insect & disease prevention. To check out what it takes for growing the flowers, the Gerbera Daisy needs lots of pesticide because of its roots underneath the ground. As the root grows, the new root continues to grow from the tender stem. Yet, the old stem and its old root may slow down the vitality, which would become the burden of plants and easily introduce disease. Yet, there are so many tillers with lush leaves, and these weeds not only take away the nutrition, but also block out the sun as well. It will only reduce the production, and create a perfect place for insects to live.

The Gerbera Daisy can be found almost anywhere in Tianwei so next time when you have a chance to visit Tianwei, you should come and take a look at this mystical base in the flower bed.

Get ready before applying the pesticide.

Applying the pesticide

Flower bed that grows the sprouts of Gerbera Daisy

Young plant that looks like vegetables


We met the underwriter, Mr. Zeng, at the flower auction. After following him back to his shop, he began to unload cargo and draw up an inventory. Today, he just happened to win the bid at the auction and buy some Gerbera Daisy. The box he used is an upright container. Mr. Zeng said, “the stem of Gerbera Daisy is much tender and delicate so it’s better to use an upright container to protect the flower’s stem, and leave 5cm to pour in the water at the bottom so the flowers can keep looking fresh during the shipment. See? After coming back, I just took them out and place the stem part in a container with water immediately.”

We also noticed that the flower processing is a very hard-working job for fixing the Gerbera Daisy as we saw Mr. Zeng took out the flowers. Besides wiring them up, he also adds one more plastic case, which shapes like a cup, to wrap up the flower. (See the right table below.) Mr. Zeng said, “I wire them up after harvest to fasten the flower so that they won’t droop easily, and then I used the funnel-shaped plastic case to fasten the flower.”

After the harvest, make sure not to cut the Gerbera Daisy because the stem may go rotten easily. Avoid harvesting at noon during the harvest time because the hot temperature will speed up the respiratory rate of Gerbera Daisy, which may increase the aging speed of Gerbera Daisy.


Gerbera Wiki


1. Compositae or Asteraceae belongs to the perennial plant, which is also called the flame-ray gerbera.
2. Reproduction: seeding, offshoot, and tissue culture
3. Usage: chopped flower, bedding plant, potted flowers, floral design, and container gardening
4. Gerbera Daisy must be grown in soft soil. The air gap should be left in acid soil, and the water drainage should be working properly with enough sunlight. The best temperature for cultivation ranged from 15-25℃.
5. If the temperature goes too high, it would produce smaller flowers, and the color may fade away. If the temperature is too low, it may hinder the way for the leaves to grow, which may affect the differentiation of flower bud.
6. The Gerbera Daisy belongs to the deep-rooted crop, which may have better result after planting the flowers in deep soil.
7. Removing weeds at least once a month during the cultivation to remove the old leaves or barren leaves. In summer, the plants need to be kept in shadow so as to improve fertility and the quality of chopped flowers.
8. The Gerbera Daisy often suffer from insect disease. Apply the pesticide regularly to the plants to prevent such disease. On top of that, keep the place clean to cultivate the plant, and keep the air in and the sunlight, which are also equally important.
9. The Gerbera Daisy looks gorgeous. Its flower has plenty of colors, and the flowering period is pretty long. There is plenty of choice for colors available including red, yellow, white, purple, and orange. The flowers can stay longer if they were kept in a bottle or vase. The flowers can be used in every occasion and receive wide popularity.


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1. The photo-shooting was completed during the field survey.