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There are 70% of mum’s flowers produced in Tianwei Township.

 When we hanged out in Tianwei Township, we found plenty of mum’s flower beds. Some mums were just planted, some were budding, some were ready for harvest, and some were harvested.

During an interview with the general director of the farmers’ association in Tianwei Township, we came to know that there are 70% of the mum’s flowers produced in Tianwei Township.

The production area for flower crops occupies 620 hectares of land as measured by the cooperative members of the production cooperatives in Tianwei Township. The main reason is that the geographical location of Tianwei is very close to the Tropic of Cancer. The summer is long; winter is short but not cold. The land is rich in soil; therefore, the florist can grow flowers throughout the year.

 There is a huge volume demand of mums based on the usage, and the farmers are all willing to grow mums. Our team especially came up with a plan to design a topic for mums manufacturing, planting, and cultivation. Read more.

Daily Tips for Mums

The currently cultivated mums were produced by interspecific hybrids of the wild mums from China and Japan.


1. For view only, many people like to put some mums at home during the traditional Chinese New Year based on the lunar calendar.
2. The Double Ninth Festival has a habit to watch mums and drink the mum wine.
3. A large volume of mums were used in the ceremony of sacrificial rituals.

Types of Flower:

1. Classified by the natural flowering (or photoperiodic response), the mums can be divided into the summer mum, the summer/autumn mum, the autumn mum, and winter mum based on its diverse flowering phase.
2. Classify the mums based on the number of flowers on a single stem: For flowers on a single stem no longer than 8-9 cm, most of the time several buds would be preserved during the cultivation. As a result, one single stem will have several flowers, which is called the grandiflorum mums. For those with a flower diameter no longer than 3-5cm, the mums are also called the small mums. When the flower buds were formed during the cultivation, the side buds were removed from each stem, and only the top bud was left with a flower diameter ranged from 9-12cm, which can be called the big mum.


1.The mum’s flower is a short day plant. If lighting is applied at night, it may extend its day time. In summer, the black garden mesh netting is used to cover the flower bed to modulate the flowering phase by shortening its day time for early blossom, which can achieve its purpose to grow mum’s flowers all year round.

2. The flowering phase of mums can also be affected by the temperature. From 10-27℃, the mums will bloom at any temperature. If the temperature is too low, it may cause a pause in the plant’s growth or hinder the buds from differentiation. Yet, if the temperature is too high, it may end up with some problems for a flowering delay or low-quality flower crops.
3. For large-area cultivated species for sales, it requires a 120 days for its production and marketing cycle. The florists who plant the flowers should keep a record of all farm works from planting, electricity cut-off, to the harvest time so that the exact time which may be required for cultivation and harvest can be counted correctly.

Another Spotlight - Strings Light in Mum’s Flower Bed with the Light on at night

The mum’s flower is a short day plant. If lighting is applied to the flower bed at night, it may extend its day time. Or using a black garden mesh netting to cover the flower bed, it can shorten the day time, which can ultimately achieve its purpose to grow mum’s flowers all year round.

In winter, the day time is shorter so it needs more sunshine to care for flowers so that the flower won’t bloom. Therefore, the strings light have become quite a huge characteristic of mum’s flower bed in Tianwei.


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