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(I)Specialties in Tianwei Township - Flower Crops

Tianwei Township has the most assorted flower crops and production in Taiwan. The land is flat in this town, the earth is rich in soil (because of Jhuoshuei River), and there are plenty of agricultural resources in this area. It is the strategic town for flower crops production in Taiwan. We learned from an interview with the general director of farmers’ association in Tianwei Township. After the Taiwan recovery, farmers’ association started to provide sprouts to the local farmers to grow plants in Tianwei township. It tried to lead the town folks to develop the flower crops and landscaping gardening business with full speed.

Undeniably, farmers' association allows the flower crops and landscaping & gardening business to thrive and prosper in Tianwei Township because of its hard work. In the beginning, the town folks started to grow nursery-grown plants, potted plants, and flower crops on both sides of the road. The farmers grew trees, flowers, and turfs by the road, which has become the central area of the current “roadside garden”. The road is about 4.7 kilometers in length. There are more than 500 florists that produce the flower beds in this area. [Note 1] It has created an industrial village, which also makes the flower crops the top one agricultural specialty in Tianwei Township.

(II) Cultivation Area of Flower Crops

The production area for flower crops occupies 620 hectares of land as measured by the cooperative members of the production cooperatives in Tianwei Township. Plenty of flower crops were found in this area including wild flowers, flower bulbs, flowering woody plants, potted plants, and etc. Tons of flowers and trees planted on both sides of the country road, which is very amazing.

roduction Area of Flower Crops made by the cooperative members of the production cooperatives in Tianwei Township 

Area: hectare/percentage (%)

Mums Gladiolus Carnation Potted Sprouts Roses Gerbera Daisy Other Total
289.8 69 37.5 31.1 27.1 2.8 162.7 620
11.1% 6% 5% 4.4% 4.4% 0.5% 26.2% 100%

(III) Walk into the Field

To discover what the specialities in Tianwei Township are, we walked into the country road to search for the specialities and introduce its features. The entire team members and crew have visited the places several times based on each research topic. We don’t remember the exact number of visits. However, we found that there are many ways to take care of all kinds of flowers in the flower beds through cultivation [Note 3] from our long-term observation [Note 2], starting from the seeding to the harvest. Flower farmers were given special care (temperature, amount of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, and etc.) based on a variety of properties of the flower crops. We introduced the flower crops specialities in Tianwei Township based on what we saw, our doubts, what we asked, and what we heard. This is exactly what learning and sharing are all about.

Our team members rented two bicycles and we deliberately went cycling through the country road. We stayed away from the main street in the roadside garden. All of a sudden, we saw all kinds of flower beds, turfs, and trees were awaiting us on both sides of the road as we cycling through the field.

Indeed, we want to ask each of you to walk into the country road when you visit Tianwei next time. You definitely will find this place amazing because the agricultural specialties are so much different from others.

(VI) Discovery the Flower Beds

Mums flower beds with lighting system can be found almost anywhere.

In Tianwei, about half of the flower crops belong to the mum’s flowers. It is the “specialist zone for cultivating the mum’s flowers” in Taiwan. On the mum’s flower bed, strings of light bulbs can be found almost anytime throughout the year. The mum’s flower may require lighting at night so as to facilitate its growth speed for the stem part. The lighting system is an adopted approach to slow down the blossoming rate (or control the flowering period).


Strings of Light Bulbs

At night, Tianwei looks even gorgeous, and you should

not miss out the night city in the mums flower beds.

Greenhouse-Grown Flower Beds

We can find the greenhouses set up by farmers almost everywhere in Tianwei. Each section looks amazing. The greenhouse was mostly used for cultivating the flower crops that are more suitable to grow in cold weather.


Gerbera Daisy


Flower Beds under the Canopy of the Gardening Black Mesh Cover

For those flower crops, which can’t bear heat, the farmers will cover them with the black garden mesh netting. In case that the sunshine will do harm to the plants by direct contact with.


Since the oriental lilies can’t bear heat,

they can grow under the black garden mesh netting.

Flower Bed of Oriental Lilies


Potted flowers and small sprouts fall into place.


Potted Flowers & Wild Flowers

Small Potted Sprouts on the Field


Large Sprouts Field with Wild Grass & Carpet-Like Turf


Large Sprouts Field that Adopts the Extensive Farming System

Carpet-Like Turf

(V)One-Day Tour of the Flower Beds for Making Chopped Flowers - Introduction to the Featuring Flower Beds for Making Chopped Flowers

The sunflowers belong to the Asteraceae family; the mum’s flowers, the gerbera daisy, and the stem-crop oriental lily as well as the gladiolus, the woody-plant roses, and the carnation, which represent moms, are all kinds of flowers you can find in Tianwei.