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Gorgeous! Tianwei Interview Notes






Everyone gathered in front of the Township Office at 8:50 am. We prepared for the town chief interview. This is our first time to interview the town chief. Our team members were so nervous about the interview. However, the town chief is kind and passionate. He listened carefully to all our answers, and explained the history of the township development in Tianwei. He talked about the industrial revolution and future prospect as well. After the town chief interview, everyone walked backed to the Tianwei Township Farmers' Association and wished to meet the general director for an interview. The general director asked Wu from the business development dept. showed us the way to visit the farmers’ association. On the 4th floor, there is a “flower business cultural museum” can allow us to get to know Tianwei. It is an unknown place but a truly good place to visit.

After an interview with the town chief and general director of the farmers’ association in morning, we hopped into the teacher’s car and went to our next stop at the Greenway Café for an afternoon interview. We also had a good lunch at the café. Once we entered the Greenway Café, we saw the lush green garden in front of us. Inside the garden, there are plenty of flowers and trees with a variety of species. The founder of the Greenway Café, Mr. Hu Kai-Liang is the important pushing hands behind the Tianwei Roadside Garden. We saw the Tianwei Roadside Garden started from scratch.

After Mr. Hu Kai-Liang passed away, the business was taken over by the second generation. The boss lady greeted us with hospitality. She told us about the history of the township development in Tianwei, and this history of the Greenway Café.

We also had a good lunch over there. We also saw some cultural and creative products made of “flowers”. After they dyed the flowers, they sealed them off to make the flower necklaces for sales. Each flower looks different so every necklace is unique. I learned a lot from each interview and had a good day!



Today is Monday. It’s December 21st, 2015. It happens to be the vacation added to the school calendar to make up the school fair last Saturday. Therefore, we took this chance to interview the town chief, the general director, and Mr. Hu Kai-Liang’s daughter-in-law Ms. Wang Ya-Ling. We started our day tour at 8:50am today. First, we visited the town chief. Although we had interviewed the town chief last year, we were still nervous! After seeing the town chief, we asked questions one by one. The town chief answered all our questions very carefully, and introduced us to the history of Tianwei Township. He also made a few more remarks to help us do our project.

We happened to have some spare time before visiting the general director. Our teacher found a place for us to hold a small meeting, and write down everything we just heard during the interview. We also shared our opinions and feedback. Afterwards, we went to visit the general director. Because we had called for a reservation before, the staff inside the association led us directly to the general director’s office. The general director is very well-organized and answered all our questions in detail. She even introduced us to the farmers’ association, and told us about its social role and function. It’s like the farmers’ association does a lot of things for the benefits of local farmers, which allows me to get to know the hardworking farmers. Last but not least, we called it a day after giving her a certificate of appreciation to show our gratitude.

Afterwards, we hopped on our teacher’s car and moved on to the “Greenway Café”. We were supposed to interview Mr. Hu Kai-Liang’s son. Yet, he needs to attend a meeting so his wife, Ms. Wang was interviewed by us instead. Ms. Wang introduced the former name of Tianwei Roadside Garden and told us the history of Tianwei. She also introduced the most famous “mums flowers” in Tianwei, which highly depends on night lighting. We had a delicious lunch at his restaurant, and took a group photo with Mr. Hu Kai-Liang’s descendants. And then we wrapped up the interview. The interviews went on quite smoothly today, and we were so happy. We not only learned how to associate with people, but also learned how to express arts, and greet each other. We get to know about the history of Tianwei, and came back with much information that we can use in our project! Yeah!



Everyone dressed up in uniform to visit the township mayor, the general director of farmers’ association, and the boss of “Greenway Café” in Tianwei Township on December 21. After going into the town chief’s office, he made us feel at home. He was so kind and nice. The people in the office are also very nice. They brought us tea once we arrived at the office. During the interview, I felt the town chief cares about “Tianwei” so much. He wants to attract many tourists to visit Tianwei and had fun. When our interview was half way around, the town chief said he wished that he could help us more after listening to our purpose of this visit. He wanted more people to know about the place, “Tianwei”, which also allows me to figure out how much he cares about Tianwei.

Next, we visited the general director at the farmers’ association. Her office is much bigger than the former one we visited. It makes me nervous. Fortunately, I still finished my job without much trouble. I can tell from her answer that she knows the place, Tianwei, quite well. She did not follow her handout but told us in her own words instead. I think she is very sharp. No wonder she can be sitting on that chair to be the general director at the Farmers’ Association. After the interview, the chief of the business development dept. showed us the way to go upstairs for an office tour. Each floor is amazing. I never thought that there is also a dance studio classroom for the staffs who work here to learn how to dance! What’s most impressing is that each “artificial environment” looks so real. After taking some photos right over there, we moved on to our next stop. Our next stop is the “Greenway Café”. The boss introduced the history of this place to us, and invited us for some snacks and delicious Rice Casserole for lunch. He explained each place in detail so that we can get to know more about the place after listening to all the know-how he told us. Besides, their souvenirs were made of real flowers after pressing flowers on each piece of work. That is so much fun!

I felt their hospitality and how they care about Tianwei during today’s interview. I hope that everyone can see Tianwei and discover more beautiful places. The town chief even brought us one potted plant for each person. That’s wonderful. I would take good care of it.




The general director told us many things about the farmers’ association. There is a small bank inside the farmers’ association where everyone can make a deposit. There is also a flower bed that covers more than 1,000 hectares of land in the surrounding area of the Roadside Garden. The landscape is beautiful. Many people like to go cycling around the flower bed; its beautiful landscape wins Tianwei the reputation known as “The Flower Town”, “Eastern Netherlands”, and “Taiwan Garden”. It was awarded as the Top 10 Classical Farmers and Fishermen’s Village in Taiwan, which is now one of the most critical tourist attractions in Taiwan.

Glancing through the lush green turfs, within the Japanese carpet grass you can see the colorful flowers planted and scattered around the field. This gardening restaurant known as the “Greenway Café” is gorgeous! The amusement facilities outside the window are very special. The chopped woods were hanged in the garden, and we stepped on the woods to walk ahead. Though it’s dangerous, that was so exciting. The old swings in the backyard create a squeezing sound once in a while, which makes the place even interesting. After walking inside the house, we had some wild vegetables and seafood rice Casserole for lunch. The cheese is rich, and it goes well with the delicious rice. And if I put them together into my mouth, it tastes sweet and sour. That could melt in my mouth.



It was a sunny day. Everyone hanged out together to interview some important person(s). This time, we interviewed the town chief of Tianwei Township. After we received hospitality from the town chief, I get to know the flower business and its business development in Tianwei.

The town chief introduced us to the geography of Tianwei Township, its people and culture. The flower business is the main business in this town. Its cultivation area covers 190 hectares of land, which is the earliest place in Taiwan for the local people to grow flowers. It’s also the place with the largest area to grow flowers. The mum’s flowers can be the mass-produced product. The town chief has divided Tianwei district into three areas, the central, the east, and the west for distinguishing. Business grows fast in the central area. Its economy thrives and business prospers. Residents from the east and west are in a relatively weak position. Since the town chief determined to develop the tourism business in the east and west area, he sets up plenty of large amusement facilities in these areas so that both places can benefit from it and start to grow their businesses. Inside the wide office of the general director, the distance between two sofas is about 12 meters long. The place is big with nice atmosphere. You have to listen very carefully so as to hear other people’s conversation. It is such a huge and a luxurious office!



Speaking of our interview with the town chief of Tianwei, it should be our second time to interview him. The town chief is very kind so everyone won’t get so nervous during the interview. On the contrary, we were kind of looking forward to it, and thought what may be happened next. The town chief is very patient and he answered all our questions one by one. At the end of the interview, he even told us that if there is anything that he could help, just go to the township office and ask him so he might be able to help. They would also provide some information about the history and origin of Tianwei township. It makes us feel so grateful! Before we left, the town chief also gave us one potted flower for each person, and jokingly he said, make sure to keep it as a treasure, and take good care of it!

Next, we came across the general director Ms. Yang at the Farmers’ Association. The general director spoke with much confidence. Her answers were quite easy to understand. The general director said that she used to go to school at National Changhua Girls' Senior High School. She once taught physics at school. It surprised me a lot. I adored her so much all of a sudden, and I think the general director is amazing. She could learn physics so well. I decided to study hard! She was so kind that she gave every one of us a cup of roasted barley tea.

Finally, we interviewed the boss lady at the Greenway Café, the landscaping restaurant. The boss lady not only looks pretty, but also got that personal charm. She talked with humor as well. Her speech won’t make us feel like dozing off. The food was great and delicious as if we had the heavenly delicacies. Then we called it a day by wrapping up the interview. I learned a lot from it!



Today we came to the Tianwei township office to interview the town chief. Once walking into the township office, I saw plenty of service counters to serve the general public with their affairs. As we walked upstairs to the second floor, the service staff led us to the office. We finally met the town chief. The town chief was so kind that he answered all of our questions.

After discussing with the town chief, we came to the Township Farmers’ Association. For me, I haven’t done any research about the exact usage of the township farmers’ association yet so I have no idea at all before walking into the office. Yet, after listening to the dedicated tour guide, I finally understood that the farmers’ association and its social role. That is, it serves as the bridge between the farmers and the government. Therefore, for anything about how to make a deposit, or help out with the cultivation project, the farmers’ association can act as an agent to help out. When we interviewed the general director Ms. Yang, Chun-Zhi at the farmers’ association, she told us that the current young population moved out the town so they were actively encouraging and asking the young people to come back to their home town to help to grow the cash crop, to grow flowers so to speak. They can obtain resources from the farmers’ association, and make lots of money as well!

We came to the landscaping restaurant, Greenway Café at noon. The reason we chose this place is quite simple because it is the restaurant founded by Mr. Hu, Gai-Liang. Who is Mr. Hu, Gai-Liang anyway? He was the man who came up with this Tianwei Roadside Garden idea. Now the restaurant was handed over to his son Mr. Hu, Gao-Wei. It looks so beautiful inside the garden. Make sure you come to visit Tianwei when you have some free time!




I want to say thank you to mother who gave us a ride to the Tianwei Township Office. Once we arrived at the Tianwei Township Office, we saw Mr. Ke was already waiting for us over there. Our teacher warned us one more time. We were taught that we have to show our passion and respond to them with passion. After everyone arrived, we went into the office to visit the town chief. The township office personnel saw us and said our school uniform looks so beautiful. It looked very nice on us as it reveals our temperament. We were very proud of ourselves.

 After walking upstairs to the second floor, the town chief welcomed us with smile. He still remembered that we had interviewed him last year. That was quite astonishing. We were just no body but the town chief remembered me. During the entire interview, its process went quite smoothly because the town chief wrote everything down for his speech in advance.

After that, we moved on to the farmers’ association to visit the general director. The general director used to teach physics at the junior high school so she spoke as if she is very well-organized. She asked us to learn how to take notes from her speech. That’s why there won’t be any handouts available for us to do the project after the interview. She wished we can learn from this interview. During the interview, we dared not to stop dropping down some notes with a pen in hand. We were afraid that we couldn’t make it right to write everything down.

After the interview, the general director asked the chief Wu, Zheng-Xian to show us around in the farmers’ association. We walked around the area from the first floor to the fifth floor. We found out that the farmers’ association not only provides a bank for people to make the deposit, but also offers plenty of other facilities including the conference hall, the convenience store, the home economics studio classroom, the industrial culture museum, and the farmers' insurance department. Every farmer is allowed to use the facilities. The aunt in the convenience store was so happy that she could have a chance to see so many students visiting the farmers’ association so she brought us some free drinks.

The last stop is the most relaxing interview we got for the day. We had lunch at the landscaping restaurant, Greenway Café and interviewed the boss lady (who is also the wife of the next generation of Mr. Hu Gai-Liang). I would like to say thank you to Wen-Xiu’s mother who bought us lunch for the day. After the interview, we played for a while inside the garden. Everyone played the slide, the wooden horse, and the seesaw, and other childhood toys. Bai-Zhuan even put himself inside the toy car but he almost got stuck in the car because he was too big to fit in.