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(I) Briefing Handout Made During the Interview

Q1. How many acres of farmer’s cultivation area is it?  (Yu-Chi)


The area covers 24 square kilometers for the entire land of cultivation in Tianwei Township. The crops they grow can be divided into short-term crops and long-term crops. For the short-term crops, vegetables and mums flowers are the major products with mass production right now, which covers around 190 hectares. Among them, the mums flower is the most representative crop because it’s the most mass-produced product. Its harvest turnaround is 3 times a year in average. The harvested land covers around 340 hectares. For long-term crops, the land covers around 1037 hectares. As for the nursery-grown plants and potted flowers, the land covers around 800 hectares.

Q2. How to leverage the entire economic benefits for the farmers? (Wen-Hsiu)

Tianwei Township is located in the old basin of the Jhuoshuei River. The land is rich in soil; therefore, the local farmers take advantage of this benefit to grow cash crops like the nursery-grown plants, potted plants, and flowers that can generate high income. There are plenty of species with mass production. The unit area of “flowers” shared a relatively higher value; therefore, it changed the economic condition of the local farmers greatly. Although as you may see, those farmers wear plain clothing, most of them are more than just millionaires with a huge asset more than 10 thousand million dollars. Farmers don’t just plant flowers. They also sell their products through internet marketing to everywhere else in this country or even to foreign countries. As the cash crops bring more economic benefits to people in Tianwei, these crops also optimize home economics in the farmer’s house.

Q3. How to do marketing in Tianwei to make its exposed to Taiwan and the international world so people can know about our speciality? In that way, they would be willing to visit here and buy the products. ( Wen-Ju)

They would take advantage of the mass media, county government, township office, newspapers or magazines to introduce the plants in Tianwei. They also brought its business to Mainland China. Now they turned to invest in quality agriculture in Mainland China. A few groups came to visit them all the way from China. Therefore, we took this opportunity to develop and grow other flower crops in Tianwei and sell it to foreign countries through exporting. Using Japan as an example, sometimes it rains in winter; therefore, we would use freight container to export the flower crops to Japan. Besides, the cultivation technique never stops to develop its advanced technology in Tianwei. People from other countries keep marveling at this surprise they found with excitement. Compared to their own country, the flower crops may have such a fine quality that these flowers in Tianwei were sold like hot cakes after exporting to Japan. There’s no excuse why they shouldn’t take this opportunity to allow people from other countries to know about the asset of flower crops in Tianwei.

Q4. Which are the campaigns that may attract people to come to Tianwei and watch flowers at leisure time?  (Chien-Jou)

The township office normally would hold some activities to attract visitors to visit Tianwei and have fun. For example, there’s a Chinese Valentines’ Day, Lantern Festival, and Rock Festival. (These were hosted by Tianwei Manly Man Band.) Furthermore, the recent street parade campaign on Merry Christmas. Most campaigns were held according to rules applied on the Festival; when Summer is coming, it’s mostly the time when there’s the less visitors to stop by. When the crowds became more and more, there will be more people coming after autumn. It’s roughly around October when people started to swarm into the place, and then the same thing happens all over again in next summer, autumn, and winter. It may be the most fruitful season for flowers in full blossom. As a result, the summer is called the “off season” whereas the winter is called the “on season”. Town Mayor said, “Changhua is Lukang and Tianwei are like the eyes of Changhua County. Therefore, remember to polish them so that more and more visitors would be willing to come to Changhua and watch the flowers at leisure”.

Q5. Can you talk about the future development of Tianwei township and its vision?  (Yun-Jung)

Although this place in Tianwei isn’t that prosperous as an urban city, it has one of the most bucolic fields in this country. Town Mayor looks at the future development of Tianwei quite differently unlike anybody else. He hopes to keep the original look of Tianwei, and does not want it to become a rustling city after being developed. Lukang and Tianwei are like the eyes of Changhua County. To wipe the eyes, the local government will also focus on tourism and travel, and set these two goals to be their goals for future development. Lukang is a town with history. Tianwei has the flower crops so far. There are some historic relics that cannot be set up for upgrade. With these aspects, Tianwei does have its advantages.

(II) Conclusion

It was quite a shiny day when everyone hanged out for an interview. This time, the town mayor is the one to be interviewed. After the town mayor’s greeting with hospitality, he allows us to get to know what exactly was going on in the flower business in Tianwei.

We are so grateful that the town mayor introduced us to the geography, humanity, and development of flower crops in Tianwei Township. The town business is mostly based on the flower crops in the countryside. Its cultivation area occupies about 190 hectares, which is the earliest place to grow flowers in Taiwan. It is also the largest area that grows flowers in this country so far. The Mums flower is the product with mass production.

The Town Mayor divides Tianwei into three parts from its middle, east, and west. Most of the economic activities were held in the middle land because business started to thrive faster in this area. Residents who live on the east and west sides have less advantages than those who live in the middle land. Therefore, the town mayor planned to develop tourism business extensively on the east and west sides. In this way, businesses on both east and west sides may thrive accordingly because of the established large amusement facilities.