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Tianwei Township, Changhua County , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Get to Know Tianwei


To get to know how the flower fair works, our team went to visit the gardening shops by the roadside garden in Tianwei on holidays. We first arrived at the visitor center. We came to know the specialities in Tianwei at the visitor center and found the historical evolution in flower industry. Please refer to the following details for more information:


Top 10 Farmhouse & Fisherman's Village in Taiwan

There are about 30 thousand people in Tianwei Township. Most of the people engage in agriculture, and they grow plants and flowers with the most planted sprouts. It has attracted plenty of attention from foreign countries and this country as well. The land which occupies 55.6% of the farmland (1002.8 hectares) was used for planting flowers and seedling beds.

The “Flower Village” is the first place for growing flowers in Tianwei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan, which is so far the biggest place for growing flowers. There is a particular area called the “Roadside Garden” founded inside the town for gardening use, which occupies an area of around 500 hectares. There are about 200 gardening shops in this area. You can have plenty of surprises whenever you visit the roadside garden, and as you look upon those flowers and plants in four seasons, you can have hundreds of different feelings. There you can find flower beds and sprouts in the surrounding area of the center in gardening special district, which occupies an area of 1,000 hectares. The farm village is completely different from the other towns in Taiwan. For those wholesale merchants, they came here to hang out in the flower beds looking for suitable flowers and plants for sale. This is also a place for many people to stop by and relax.

Tianwei is famous for its beauty, and therefore receives good reputation known as the “Flower Village”, “Eastern Netherlands”, and “Taiwan Garden”. Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan held a competition “National Top 10 Classical Farmhouse & Fisherman’s Village” to select the rightful candidate. The Roadside Garden in Tianwei Township was one of the chosen top candidates that are not surrounded by mountains or seas. Once again, being granted the award, Tianwei Township wins a position in tourism industry for its beauty as everyone can find in the Roadside Garden.【Note 1】




Natural Surroundings


Tianwei Township is part of the Changhua Plain. It belongs to the old river basin of Jhuoshuei River. The landform slightly tilted towards the northwest starting from the southeast. It’s a flat terrain with a height of 28-34 meters above the sea level. The length that extends vertically across the island is 9.75 kilometers long. On the other hand, the length, which extends horizontally across the island, is 3.38 meters long. This town is about 24.0375 sq. kilometer in area.【Note 2】


Tianwei Township is located in the southeast region of the Changhua Plain. This region used to be the place where the old river course of Jhuoshuei River passed by. The earth has rich soil so this has been a fertilized area for agricultural production. Most of the soil here is classified as the clay loam. It has a high-absorbance. When picking sprouts from the field to plant elsewhere, the root is firmly clung to the soil. It’s likely to create a clay ball, which not easily falls apart. The sprout is durable for long-term transportation, and it has higher chance to stay alive for second-time cultivation.


The average annual temperature is around 23℃, which allows for a pleasant local climate. There is only one exception about the weather in Winter. Sometimes, the local temperature will drop drastically because of the cold current. The temperature will rise above 35℃ in Summer sometimes. That’s why the farmers choose to develop the local plants that will survive the local temperature. Or they will apply some equipment (such as the greenhouse...) to help them overcome the weather restriction of such temperature. 【Note 3】


The irrigation system in Tianwei Township introduces its main water from the upstream of the second Babao Reservoir. Yet, the farmers will excavate the underground water to irrigate the field because the water shortage has become a common phenomenon.


Featured Scenic Spots

Roadside Garden in Tianwei

The Roadside Garden is located inside the special gardening zone in Tianwei Township. People in this area engage in gardening work, growing potted plants and sprouts, and flowers. It is the biggest distribution center in Taiwan to grow the potted plants and flowers. The whole length of this road, which is 4.7 kilometers long, starts from the north on Huanyuan Rd., and then extends to the south on Mingzu Rd. Its width is 9 meters long, and it occupies an area of 500 hectares. This area is used as a special zone for growing potted plants and sprouts. There are about 400 local shops in the private garden.【Note 4】

Flower Fair

Roadside Garden has the most planted flowers in Taiwan known for its plenty of amount and species. Therefore, it has received its good reputation and was known as the “Home of Flowers”. Each weekend, the crowds will occupy the place. Visitors came to watch flowers and pick flowers they like in the floral garden where various flowers in blossom attract the public attention. Everyone can be exuberantly happy. This is a perfect place where you can get everything you want from local tourism to spend your leisure time away.

Roadside Garden is the biggest flower distribution center in Taiwan. It is the biggest garden in Taiwan and the best place for flower-lover to stop by and take a look. Roadside Garden was built along the road, and it’s about 3.6 kilometers long. There are more than 200 vendors inside the garden to do business around, which offer visitors with plenty of featured flowers and sprouts. Most of their offer covers 5 categories including fresh flowers, potted flowers, potted plants, landscaping materials, and greenery sprouts (landscaping). There are plenty of different potted flowers inside the garden. Local merchants will promote flowers in season throughout the entire Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Visitors who like flowers can enjoy the moment when purchasing the flower seeds they want to buy all at once. It is the most convenient and best resort to watch flowers and buy flowers you like at the fairest price in Taiwan. All kinds of materials and products were sold in the gardening warehouse. There are thousands of products that you can hardly imagine it, and they got all these materials put on the shelf for sales! Besides, the local merchants want you to have plenty of choices so they put the products in place in perfect order so that you won’t have to waste time looking for what you want. As for price is concerned, the wholesale vendors will make you feel everything is worth it. You can get one you like at a fair price, and you will be happy with what you get.【Note 4】



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【Note 1】【Note 2】: The data here was taken directly from Agriculture and Tourism Section, Changhua County Tianwei Town.

【Note 3】: Statistical data for average monthly temperature was released by Central Weather Bureau.

【Note 4】: Visitor Center at the Roadside Garden in Tianwei