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When did humans start drinking coffee?

It is said that a thousand years ago in Ethiopia

a goat accidentally ate coffee beans.

Its mood became very excited.

So people began to study this mysterious plant.


Research indicates that coffee alcohol inside coffee can stimulate antioxidants in cell.

Drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day up to 400 mg of caffeine can effectively reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, preventing Parkinson's disease 

But young people should avoid excessive intake of caffeine because caffeine can cause insomnia and nervousness and cause palpitations

                          Photo: member Gu Xinying is holding coffee beans by her hand.


We have organize and compare the coffee place of origin

Brazil:         Most of the production is from Robusta, strong taste, chocolate aftertaste. Most of coffee sold in hypermarkets usually comes from Brazil.

Central America, Colombia:        Relatively light taste, good balance, low acidity, fruity aftertaste. It is more popular in the United States.

Indonesia:           Earthy or smoky aroma, bitter cocoa aftertaste, thick alcohol degrees.

Ethiopia: Coffee origin of place, species diversity is high. Many of them are described as with the flavor of syrup and strawberry or blueberry aftertaste.

Kenya:      Thick taste, a little sour tomato.

Hawaii:     With sweet, mild, mellow, soft   

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