One day, when you're eighty years old.
How much courage do you still have to pursue your dream?

On November 13, 2007, a group of Knights began their 13-day motorcycle trip around the island. Motorcycle trip around the island is not special, what’s special is the people are 17 old men with an average age of 81 years old. Among the 17 elderly people, two had cancer, four need to wear hearing aids, five have hypertension, and eight suffered from heart disease, almost everyone has problem of joint degeneration; their health conditions are so frustrating, but this does not crush out of their commitment to the island – because deep down in their hearts, there are dreams of 18 years old.


When you are pursuing dreams, you will forget how old you are

For Lai Qingyan, he just wants to seek a way out for the elderly through this trip. Because he had tried to go around the island, but only found out that there were many aspects in our society there are inconvenient for the elderly, so he initiated this activity. Lai Qingyan hopes that, through this activity, our society can pay more attention to ageing issue, and at the same time, to encourage all elderly people go outside and realize their dreams.


A trip dedicated to his wife

Before the trip around the island, Uncle A Tong came to the cemetery to offer incense to his wife, he told his wife that he would go on a trip around the island, and then he held two coins and had a divinetoperdict, he asked if she would like to go with him. “Bang” the coins fell down, one side was human portrait and other was character, which was a propitious sign, Uncle A Tong looked at the “answer" his wife gave, tears filled with his eyes instantly and choked with sobs, he said: "You see, this is you, this is hand - in - hand, either dead or alive!”


Seventy-year-old, have a date with you once a week

Grandmother Yingmei had suffered from cancer twice, after the success of the miracle anti- cancer, the couple cherished every day with each other. The reason why Jia Huantai wanted to have this trip was that this was their common dream, and more importantly, this trip will be their "second honeymoon!" Grandma Yingmei even took her first locomotive driver's license, we can say that the elderly can implement what they want to do.


Tell the world

Grandpa Wang Zhongtian

Now is an aging society, which is a burden, so when you are old, do not be a burden to the society, the first thing is that everyone should have the expertise, do not say that I’m already good enough, you have to be better.

Grandfather Wu Jingheng

Hello, my old friends, I'm almost 90 years old, I want to encourage everyone to look after yourself and look for some hobbies, which are very important for life, the elderly is not the end of life, but the starting point to pursue new dreams.

Grandfather Kang Jianhua

My old friends, you can’t think that you're old, you have to seize the day, to have a good time on every day, you should not to feel old yourself, but to maintained an idea: one is never too old to learn!

Executive director of Kodo the old man foundation - Lin Yiying:

"Grandpa and Grandma from the world wide, the growth and development of this society is your

contribution. Now you are old, and I think the society should give you a space to your own, for

you to enjoy your life, and believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter that you are now able to walk, or

carry a cane or sit in a wheelchair, you must believe in yourself and give yourself the courage to

go out and do what you want, or your unrealized dreams, I just hope that the grandma and

grandpa can create your own wonderful life until your last moment, thank you!


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