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------------{  How did this website come to be ?  }---------

Director Chi

The roof garden in our school is a sun position, so when making the teaching plan, I think we can take this advantage to cultivate some vegetables. Moreover, two years ago, some students in 4th grade have planted some plants successfully. I hope this year, other students can keep this good activity.

Because this is my first time to attend farmer education program and cultivate vegetables with the parents and students. I think we not only achieve the goal but also get extra great experiences.

Now I know that harvesting the vegetables planted by ourselves is such an amazing thing! I have never wondered that before applying the plan.


------------{ Little vegetakids/ 小蔬童 }-----------

I`ve have a great interest in computer since I was a child.
I feel like getting to know more knowledge because I can get to eat fresh and healthy vegetables,
and I can also learn how to set up the website.

I have always wanted to learn knowledge about how to write the website.
Therefore, when I heard the news, I was really excited. This activity enables us to play, make website and eat healthily at the same time.

Why do we have to plant vegetables?

We can pass on the technique of planting vegetables from generation to generation. I think the vegetables from the market are different from the vegetables we plant. Vegetables planted from the market mostly use chemical fertilizer. However, we use organic fertilizer to plant vegetables.

I think we can plant vegetables in our own balcony so that we will not eat bad vegetables. We can pass on the technique of planting vegetables to every neighborhood in the community so that everyone will not eat chemical fertilizer.

1, Why planting vegetables?
Because planting vegetables by your own enables you to eat healthier food.

2, What can the vegetables planted on our own do?
They can be used to eat and cook and they can also let us eat healthier.

3, Where can we plant vegetables?
The balcony in our house, the roof on the top of our community, or we can use the ground
in our grandpa or grandma`s house.

4, My dream is to let everyone know the vegetables from this activity.


The purpose of joining the Internet exposition is to let everyone eat healthy and
delicious green food, and also let everyone believe that insisting recycling is a good thing.

If everyone thinks that recycling is a good thing,
then the world will become more wonderful and healthier.


Experiencing planting anti-pesticide organic vegetable not only enables you to eat well
but also experience the joy of planting.

Planting green field can start from little vegetable pot.

Every household can have a small piece of farmland. Even though living in city,
we can still see a green land.

I think the cabbage caterpillar is really cute when I first saw it,
I am curious about the process of how school sister and school brother plants vegetables
( For example: How to plant vegetables?) Also, I love to eat potato vines.

I want to know how to take care of it so that I can get to eat healthy vegetables.
So I want to participate in this activity. I hope I can learn more knowledge from this competition.

Why do I need to plant vegetables?

After hearing to Grandpa Kuo teaching us how to plant vegetables,
I think planting vegetables is really simple at that time. However, when I actually planted,
everyone was so busy. Finally we successfully planted the seeds of the vegetables.

In addition, we learn many things such as scrubbing the straw rope,
making the bamboo leavesand the scarecrow. Due to the problem of food safety,
we have to plant vegetables by ourselves so that we can eat healthy vegetables.

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