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 Shengang is located in central Taiwan, near the Taiwan Strait, Shengang has two industrial zones, Changhua Coastal Industrial Park Live in Village West End and oyster west GSK Shengang industrial location in the northeastern part of the town at the junction of US, is an integrated industrial zone, Taiwan's head office is in the king's meat GSK industrial area.
Hori Shengang ancient name painted Ge Hong Kong, originally called the Newport Township, Chiayi Newport Township and hit but name, people easily confused, so the two towns decided to draw lots to decide, finally officially renamed Shengang. Shengang is the youngest Township, Changhua County, has a traditional style Shengang community, is a very humane town。

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Task Record




Began to look for a team
(1) To find a group of interested partners
(2) Developing themes




(1) choose their own topics of interest
(2) to find the information
(3) seek access time, content and assignments
(4) workplace Daren speech
(5) The first visit
(6) official registration
(7) the writing of the log
(8) the production of meat creations
(9) a second visit




Go Go Go~~~
(1) graphic drawing
(2) Respect to dried meat king -Shengang Location
(3) Regard to dried meat -factory distribution location
(4) To find resources
(5) Web production
(6) To set goals
(7) the difficulties encountered
(8) school team website information
(9) Fill in the progress report, web design


  • Reason
  • Teammate
  • Developing themes
  • Looking for information
  • Assignments
  • Contact
  • Geographical Description
  • Before Interview
  • First visit
  • Apply for Cyberfair
  • Journal
  • Creative cooking
  • Second visit
  • Art drawing
  • Reference
  • Learning Sheet
  • Data Integration
  • Feedback_Young
  • Feedback_Yang
  • Feedback_Chen Yu
  • Feedback_Seng Min
  • Feedback_Dun Yu
  • Feedback_Shu Van

The reason you want to join cyberfair

Once we saw the Cyberfair notice on the school website, and just saw the senior sister do online blog to get white gold posters, personal spur of the moment like sister and seniors want to fight for honor, so we look around our teammates, and finally scrape over the number of people, we decided to participate in a pedestrian network Bo, on the one hand we have not done this type of game, a very strange feeling for this event on the one hand is to create web pages and introduce an industry we are interested in are very interesting, on the other hand it is hoped that they can be able to get points on the external points, so we immediately ran to tell the teacher that we want to participate in this contest.


We go around looking for people interested in this Cyberfair, We became a team and found that there are a lot of people are interesting in cyberfair, We prepared a few questions about the topic, For anyone interested in the topic A , you do what you want the theme, the theme for B are interested, go out into the B theme to develop, so we have a pedestrian is divided into two teams. we started to look for help teachers, we have to ask the teacher's comments Ashan teacher very supportive of us to do, and very willing to help us, but also tells us there are two other schools have done all the old blog network, we not only can go to find information, you can also seek two teachers assistance.

Developing themes

Find the help of his teammates and the teacher finally we have to begin to plan what we are going to choose the subject matter at the first meeting we were both teachers want to look into a group at the next meeting when the topic of our report we consider a viable target check a lot of information and contact way to see if there is a suitable object just do not know if we have no clue yet suddenly thought from Yao Qi Yang, chairman of his speech when he was at the time of the celebration of the role models in the country to start looking at the mathematics had only four points but now has become a well-known brand in Taiwan meat jerky king's founder completely caught our eyes he is not only our distinguished alumni are our seniors made our favorite snacks is each household are important holidays Souvenir so after many discussions we have a group of people together with family and teammates Yao Yang Qi, chairman of understanding of the topic so I finally decided that we want to remember Xuan Wang of Taiwan-based meat        

Looking for information

After drawn up a theme, we conducted a third successive meetings are held to elect the next leader, and we look at the previous assignments network Bo works for net blog content should be doing what, again we are to query a number of related information and news about Taiwan meat and Yao Qi Wang Yang, chairman, and also to find a lot about the history and origin of the meat. And how to make meat, and finally we are in the library to find Yao Qi Yang, chairman of books written by '' how to eat dried meat '' We all information integration division will come out so that we can know more about Taiwan meat the king of dry food processing industry.


When we decided the theme is credited Taiwan meat Wang Xuan, the teacher immediately set us six individuals, we can discuss this topic can be roughly subdivided into several outline and cut descriptions, as well as future plans from those points, and please Leader assigned to each member of the work, but also set the pay period, be sure to look over in the period showed a teacher. A winter grade, the teacher asked us to take advantage of vacation time, find some biographies of great men, or about the manufacturing industry related book, to understand how others do first, to facilitate the conduct of our future net blog. Just set up our network blog team, we will be every Wednesday and with a fixed term of another network Bo team meetings, we have reported previously assigned to the head of our content, both teams will communicate with each other to review the pros and cons , what to do with each other that will be better, once again amended report also playing progress. First grade are just laying the foundation of the preparatory work, the real test of our ability to be in the second grade, second grade up, we re-subdivided theme - chairman of the entrepreneurial process and presentation / meat king News & chairman of the board's work / on the chairman's hometown and plant location: Shengang Introduction / Taiwan pork allocation map / raw meat / meat production needed to Tools / elaborate meat / experience activities to introduce these topics in greater depth, I hope to make more people understand that there is no king, chairman of Taiwan's meat distinguished lineage, superior performance, in the end is how to get the title of Taiwan's largest meat manufacturing and production process we usually eat meat, and The original needs of each industry people together to do it out.


In order to conduct a first visit, we started to prepare the skills and content accessed, allocated to each member of the job, some people in charge of photography, some responsible for recording, some responsible for recording, while others are responsible for access. All the work is ready, but found responsible would like to be contacted Yaoqi Yang, chairman of the students have not contacted because of his parents and Yaoqi Yang, chairman of understanding, so be responsible for liaison work is handed over to him, but slow contact did not hear good news, on the one hand he was somewhat forgotten, long overdue before contact, partly because Yaoqi Yang, chairman of busy, no time to accept our visit, so our first time to visit a little delayed, but finally set on August 4 summer visit.


Geographical Description

Shengang bit at the northwest end of Changhua, Taiwan Strait, west, north, Taichung Longjing District, east of the town and beauty is bounded to the south is the line Xixiang neighborhood. Changhua youngest is a township, the main crops are rice, garlic, onions, peanuts, garlic onion specialty is mainly oyster fishery there, clams, tilapia, because agricultural and fishery products rich enough to say "land of plenty."
Tatu estuary, there is a large inter-tidal wetlands, gave birth to the rich ecological resources is not only a well-known birding destination, but you can see the oyster farm, fiddler crabs, shrimp monkey, shellfish, etc., is Shengang of a treasure. Unique natural environment, so that the township has a "hometown of waterfowl." "Fiddler's hometown" and reputation, and the designation of conservation areas mayflies shrimp.
Shengang has two industrial zones, Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in oyster Liaocun line west of the West End, GSK Shengang industrial zone located northeast side of the town of Sidi village and the US, is an integrated industrial zone, Taiwan meat on the king's head office position that GSK industrial area.

Before Interview

Summer 2014, we started our first visit to prepare, we first prepared a draft visit, but the content too little superficial, so be back several times back and forth, so that we finally have a very satisfied with the draft after draft of complete access to the next job assignment when we went to visit, and who is responsible for taking pictures, who is in charge of photography, who is the record, who is recording, who is responsible for the most important visit, after after discussion, we assign each of us a good job, again on the left to access time and date, and this is probably the place where we spent the longest has been dragged, fake call to ask him what time it may be free acceptance of our visit, but fortunately in the afternoon of August 4 just when available, we can begin our first visit.

First visit

Today is the first time we visited, we decided to go home from the 'Taiwan jerky king' Holy Corporation recently set Min home after gigs, we will ride to the company. Once there, we were invited to their meeting room to work on that visit. First, we saw them give Yaoqi Yang, chairman of the company newsletter, and then began to make our visit, Yaoqi Yang, chairman offers us a lot of information that tells us a lot of business when he encountered a hard course, and some interesting little stories, visit finished, Yaoqi Yang chairman also allows us to visit their factories, so that we can more clearly understand the production process meat and systemic first we disinfection we began to visit their factory.

Apply for Cyberfair

To pre-register Cyberfair front work required: Finding members, developing themes, looking for information, work assignments, also interviewed the chairman, visiting factories and other work is done .
First, the teacher wants us to separately into the network Exposition home, do we jerky king's account, a net Bo team needs a lot of players, each player must play into the information, the first sign of this web production game, each member feel very excited, but also afraid of not being given the information will be most troubling is the team name, like a long time but for a long time, has decided not to come out, to discuss the results is decided where we live to name Shengang named it as light Shengang.


After formal registration, the teacher set our meetings, be prepared to assign a formal job, the main distribution are: web production artists, photographers, young reporter, as well as the most important record - writers work logs. Work logs, by definition is a diary, written work diary must we ever do interviews and prepare content, as well as all future plans are to break into, you need to take responsibility for the record, regularly updated information is essential duties Finally, after further discussion after discussion, we decided to let Yu Shu Zhen and vanadium as a work log that our team of writers.
In writing process work logs, we need to remember what things done in the past, the content of the interview, meeting other details. Again tested our memory and our writing, again and again and modify training, hope for the future of our work logs can write more, the better.

Creative cooking

When visiting the factory before seeing those feel good to eat meat, I thought we could handmade creative meat, meat and decided to do a creative cuisine competitions. We divided into three groups, the first group is Yu Zhen and Yan Zhen; the second group is comfortable margin vanadium and London; and the third group is Yang Jun Sheng Min. Each group would like to find their own food production, performed in 12/30 season. On race day, each have encountered some difficulties in the first set when cutting bread, there is no good control force, and cut too deep results bread ruined; no attention to the time when the second set of omelette careless charred, There originally forgot to put the corn into them; the third group originally intended to hand-rolled, but the meat was too hard because there is no way to roll up, try using mayonnaise to assist, but the volume is still not up, so I had to change to make sandwiches . Although encountered many errors in the production process, but also with our original works of imagination is different, but in the end those difficulties have been overcome us. After this creative cooking game meat, let us know more about jerky is not just when Souvenir holidays can also be used as a delicious dish.

Second visit

The teacher said that lack of information, so the teachers to go to the interview chairman of Hsian Ji, take moer pictures and collect information. To the position in the meat factory Wang Quanxing industrial zone when the aunt received us with the last time today, they are very warm and very friendly to greet us, and even made a poster to welcome us and make us feel to be affected attention, a little excited and a little flattered. Into line with the last plant tour almost, but the visit in more detail, and the next person is also very detailed explanation, the teacher asked a lot of questions, learned a lot of valuable experience.

Art drawing

Some pages also commenced art, because art is less good students on our team, so teacher Hsu to help us find a school girl good at hand painted - Chen Yi, web production artists we handed him to be responsible, for example, the process of coming up comic making meat or pork to the proverb about comics and humor manifested Shengang location maps Changhua pork, cities and counties in Taiwan and so on ... if we in reading about the death of the movie jerky have any idea, you can ask her to provide for her plotted hope that our website is not only the king's meat Hin Kee Taiwan LOGO, next to you can also have our own vignettes.


Introduce an organization, of course, is to first understand their basic information, after the first interview, we believe that some incomplete information, in order to more fully understand the Yaoqi Yang, chairman of Taiwan and Hin Kee meat king, we went to school books Hall, found a "how to eat meat," this book, the teacher found a note before Xuan organize creative cuisine Collections "2011 meat creative jerky dishes Collections", in addition to reading his books published, we also Internet Search news stories about him, in order to better understand the whole thing about the meat, and we also went to look for on the production of raw meat, meat tastes different, need meat and seasonings of course different, but also to understand Hin Kee Taiwan established history meat king.

Learning Sheet

August 4th and December 17th we went jerky king visited, and December 30 we have done meat dishes and creative competition, after that, the design of the two 奕佐 teacher learning alone, because we are two in a group, so I decided to write one set on the line. A visit when accessing records and interviews to learn a single record for creative dishes also designed a game, "I am the king of meat," the study of single, most have to learn a single content is easy to understand, our impression are still clear, so there is no time to write so many questions, the teacher should we learn a single design aesthetic point, I hope we can be a single study, to deepen our impression again, let's production of meat have a greater understanding of the process, but also to understand Yaoqi Yang, chairman of the entrepreneurial process, learn to do one thing needed mental stamina and perseverance.



Data Integration

Cyberfair would be coming to end, and there are three in total direct our teachers, our web production is responsible by family, teacher, and school girl will help us draw relevant illustrations, rich and beautiful our website, we will also provide some ideas to him refer to help plot; Yizuo teacher taught us how to be responsible for meat Wang Xuan remember this business segment continues to introduce different topics, our work logs from the first to see that, in order to more complete, so we have to modify the contents of a moment, before accessing the recording or video files, as well as to the speech Yaoqi Yang, chairman of the country's movie Shengang Listen again, grasping at the focus of the record; Ashan teachers less time invested in Bo net production, but he will give us a lot of ideas, will say a lot of access to skills, etc. ..... knowledge with us. After that, the teacher showed us with Yaoqi Yang Yi Zuo-related books, such as "how to eat meat," or his previous acrostic works, we have to put down all the information, as well as to understand Taiwan Hin Kee meat Wang's current product produced reason.

Yang Jun: the beginning join a blog, originally holding the feelings of excitement and anticipation, but after really started to do, only to find that we did not imagine simple, to be prepared materials, the time will come and lunch almost every day computer classroom, back home but also collate information or ideas, in the middle when I once wanted to give up because when the pressure is really a great leader, team members sometimes do not listen to commands, and sometimes the information too late to be completed within the time, then really tired, gradually begin until the late harvest. To do a website is very hard, not only to gather information in advance of, but also post-processing work, you need to go through a lot of effort to complete.


Chen Yu: I felt very excited, wow ~ participate in the national competition, which is more rare opportunity say we want to find a teacher to participate in the competition, after listening to the teacher, I felt that we, the teacher! to say, I feel like I should have the conditions are not, the results are not only the most off the team, and everyone seems to be no worse than the other, the moment that, to me, there are ways to participate in this game? But in the end I decided to participate in my ability for everyone to share some part in the process of doing this race, at the beginning we are actively doing, but in the late time, we had to do at noon to say good network Bo But there was always love coming blood people, even here, it is only in the mix, in the end, each of us are holding seems to not want to stay here classroom bully mood, sometimes feel In school do for a long time, but also stay up late rush home, really tired when playing logbook, because in the past have not done as recorded in the time, so I always want to think about the time we struggled in the end what has been done, and often have to conspire to 200 words and distress, see the other players in the side laughing and found it very annoying, although during some unpleasant things, but we are still successful completion of this work, by this time Activities also made me more aware of the importance of teamwork, very thank you pay and instructor assistance, so that we can work this perfect presentation. 

Seng Min: Join to cyberfair very excited about the beginning, to the later, more and more things, from the original enthusiasm, getting no power, during which I learned the meaning of teamwork everyone has their own work, a person is difficult to complete the collection every day at noon, is the time to discuss all together, and after discussion again and again, so that the whole subject began to slowly emerge, among inevitably have frustration, there had wanted to give up the idea, but as long as we cooperate, we can achieve anything. We aim to become more sophisticated, more and more intense flavor unity. Bo joined the network team, everyone agreed objectives forward together! With success!

Dun Yu: In the beginning when you join a blog, simply because curious, coupled with the small country has seen others did, after attending, no direction I do not know what to do, almost all to be head of the issued instruction with the teacher to make a move with the increase of the number of operations, and gradually also some network technology and software become more familiar with, then gradually the master key, the process is worth mentioning that for the usual meat dishes and creative cooking again, I almost did not, which is a very valuable experience, of course, the process will lose their enthusiasm, but I play a role in this group work component be minimal, as long as the thought of this point, we think we should be more than a little help, so far I learned the importance of teamwork, but also understand the need to strive for the truth will have a harvest.

Shu Van: Actually I started to know when cyberfair. In fact, not so much interested to join when other friends said, I have only to hold in order to contest the mood before adding extra points, and really started to do online when Bo I think that is very simple, not that the words on the keyboard playing, several report? But not so easy, I was assigned to work log for the job, a total of 20 fight, first I think the title are set very smooth, but after the first 12, was found not know what you can play, but obviously it is still trying to scrape together a less than 200 words, and sometimes in order to scrape together 200 words, what's the word verbiage, unwanted have to play a lot into it, thought here I felt very bad. Although the lunch break every day to do online computer classroom blog, sometimes very serious in fight reports, but in fact, I know most of my mixed feelings are holding to the, uh ... really need to repent a little longer. In fact, teamwork, really is not just one-sided by a few people, or by the teacher to complete, if there is no division of labor, the work would not be done so quickly, although the idea of ​​the process will not want to give up defense, but At least I know that the process of participating in the network Bo is happy, I learned through interviews with more ways of the world, but also to see the enthusiasm of chairman, unable to unite behind the team if we cooperate, we can not complete the network Bo, "difficult, hidden ladder to success, "I hope in the future we do not care to do anything, can be done to hold the same feelings, and really thank the school girl drew so many lovely illustrations, if not you, our website may So monotonous down, the most important thing the instructor who without you, our group of young folks would not be so complete works.


Reference material

1. Reference books:

Yaoqi Yang (2011), how to eat meat?!. Changhua: Yi Qin Food Company.

2. Special thanks for

 Mr. Yao chi-yang, the General manager of Hsian-Ji (Taiwan dried meat king).

 Mrs. Su yu-chiu, the Assistant General Manager of Hsian-Ji (Taiwan dried meat king).

 Miss Wang chia-wen, Quality Control Division of Hisan-Ji (Taiwan dried meat king).

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