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Work logbook:

Activity logbook in December

Date Dec. 8th First gathering to cybefair (Chen, Hsiang-Yu)
Activity I saw teacher asked is anyone wants to join the cyberfair on LINE when I was in Japan. I didn’t know what the cyberfair is, but I was interested about it. As I was back to Taiwan, Changkang Elementary School was already open, I went to ask teacher if I could join the cyberfair immediately, she said it may be impossible, this answer made me disappointed. However, I was so happy that I heard I may can join a cyberfair this time.
Date Dec. 11st Discussion of theme (Lai, You-Chi)
Activity Gathering in PC classroom, we discussed about the theme of this cyberfair. We didn’t know what to do, then teacher suggested us making surfing as our theme to research the tourism in Donghe. And we became much clear after teacher investigated the direction of subject.
Date Dec. 15th Collecting surfing information (Chen, Ting)
Activity We collected lots of information about surfing. Searching for information is interested and not so hard. It is very happy as finding you got the right information. And searching information about surfing makes us much understand about surfing, knowing there are many kinds of surfboards, and these information make me want to experience the joy of surfing.
Date Dec. 18th Organizing the surfing information (Su, Yin-Ren)
Activity After collecting the information of surfing, teacher asked us to organize them as the needing of website, deleting redundancies and filling the lacks.
Date 12/19Design surfboard (Lin, Jiun-Wei)
Activity In the beginning, I didn’t know how to draw, but I started to draw well after teacher taught me how. As I was taught by teacher Chen, Jiun-Liang, I was much good at drawing. I was afraid to be blame for my designof surfboard, but teacher encouraged me to draw whatever I wanted and did not think too much, then I just drew the thing came to my mind.
Date Dec. 21st Designing surfing figure (Zhang, Ting-Jia)
Activity eacher wanted us to exhibit our creativity to draw something about surfing, like surfboard, surfer, and waves, etc. They would be put on our website.
Date Dec. 23rd Learning how to take photograph (Su, Yin-Ren)
Activity Before the first photography class, teacher told us to bring device which could take a photo, and I brought a tablet PC, someone brought cellphone, and someone brought camera. Teacher taught us how to take a photo, you need to take your camera with both hands and fasten arms to your body in order to hold camera steadily, and just using your finger on your right hand to push it bottom to take a shot. And teacher also taught us how to compose images. The rule of cross likes you put a cross in the center of image, and the rule of thirds likes you put three lines divided the image equally vertical or horizontal. I think to rule of thirds is easier for me, because I always let the image askew. I have to work harder to have a perfect photo.

Activity logbook in January

Date an. 5th Collecting information about Donghe (Chiu, Ming-I)
Activity I was looking for the cheapest and most comfortable B&B in Donghe.I found many B&B on the internet, and one of them was the most suitable for surfers, called Donghe B&B. It is a surfing B&B, and there are many some surfing store nearby, and the well-knowing Donghe streamed stuffed buns is in a short distance. It is a good B&B, you could go for it sometimes.
Date Jan. 11st Surfing class (Zhang, Ting-Jia)
Activity oday, the surfing class was taken in our classroom, Ren classroom in first grade. The surfing coach is teacher’s husband. Sie coach taught us something we need to notice in water, and he let us to know the surfboard, teaching us the pose of surfing, and checking the pose of each one of us.In the end, he took us to the basketball field to play skateboard. His skateboard is special, it can be control the way it go. Thanks for Sie coach to bring the skateboard let us could practice how to balance, it was fun.
Date Dec. 12nd Orientation of surfing (Su, Yin-Ren)
Activity eacher convened us to illustrate things about surfing the day after tomorrow, and giving us a declaration of parental consent. Teacher also wanted our parents could join together with us.
Date Dec. 14th Surfing experience in Dulik (Chiu, Ming-I)
Activity There were five students could go and surf in Dulik. We convened in front of school gate and wait for teacher and parents’ cars to take us to the beach ofDulik. The strong wind made us so nervous but also excited. Thanks for teacher and coach taught us how to surf with bodyboard. We did bad in the beginning, I we started to catch tips to surf. After we almostpracticed well, we changed to surf longboard, Sie coach brought one student into water each time, the others just stood on the beach and watched. We had surfed for over three hours, it was very fun.
Date Dec. 19th Preparation of interviews (Chen, Hsiang-Yu)
Activity We are going to interview Bei-Bei and surfers few days later. Teacher said that Bei-Bei is a strong surfer, she won lots of prize, so we searched information about her and listed questions what we wanted to ask her. Finally, we listed ten questions to ask, and because we did have any experience of interview, teacher let us rehearse for it, one played as interviewee and one played as interviewer. Everybody was so nervous because having interview was hard, actually.
Date Dec. 24th Interviews to surfers in Donghe (Su, Yin-Ren)
Activity Teacher drove us to Donghe, and we finally arrived at Bei-Bei’s home, we had interview in her house. There were many surfboard and surfing equipment in her house. Everyone asked questions alternatively. Sometimes, when she saw we were nervous, she would call us to relax. It was happy to interview to her. Then, we met and chatted three surfers in surfing store, and one of them are Japanese.
Date Dec. 28th Visiting in Donghe (Zhang, Ting-Jia)
Activity All of us had been in Donghe, but all we knew was Donghe streamed stuffed buns, and nothing else, so teacher planned to bring us to many scenic spots, like Old Donghe Bridge, Donghe tribes, and Donghe river mouth, etc. And we had lunch in Donghe streamed stuffed buns, then went to visit the old street in Donghe.
Date Dec. 29th Making questionnaire on the internet (Chiu, Ming-I)
Activity All of us had been in Donghe, but all we knew was Donghe streamed stuffed buns, and nothing else, so teacher planned to bring us to many scenic spots, like Old Donghe Bridge, Donghe tribes, and Donghe river mouth, etc. And we had lunch in Donghe streamed stuffed buns, then went to visit the old street in Donghe.

Activity logbook in February

Date Feb. 2nd Learning making anime in Taitung University (Lin, Jiun-Wei)
Activity Teacher took us to Taitung University for Flash, software for animating. It was complicated in the beginning, however, under the patient teaching of Prof. Shin and teacher, we made our first anime successfully.
Date Feb. 4th Retouching images(Chen, Ting)
Activity We took lots of picture in this subject. Teacher let us pick some picture we like, and retouching them by photoscap. Reduced the scale of pictures and adding beautiful frame on them.
Date Feb. 5th Drawing tourism map (Zhang, Ting-Jia)
Activity Teacher asked us to draw a tour map for Donghe. We designed shape of map was a surfboard, and we put scenic spots, delicious food restaurant, and B&B on it.
Date Feb. 10th Analyzing questionnaire and planning tour routes (Lai, You-Chi)
Activity Teacher said that we got 158 feedback of questionnaire, we were so glad. And teacher taught us using Excel to show those data into charts. Those data helped us to plan the routes for traveling in Donghe.
Date Feb. 11st Writing feedback of subject (Chen, Ting)
Activity We finally finished all information for cyberfair, and we learned some much in these two months. Teacher asked us to write down some feedback with Word.


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