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Our first meeting on 2014/9/29, confirm the team members

Second meeting on 2014/09/30. Search New Image Theater Group and draw the classic acrobatics.

Third meeting on 2014/10/20, job distribution and confirm team and project titles.

2014/10/21 team cooperation

2014/10/27 data search and arrangement, team work.

2014/10/28 6th meeting

2014/11/03 7th meeting, team work and cooperation

2014/11/04 meeting, team work and cooperation

2014/11/10 meeting, team work to catch up progress

2014/11/11 meeting, team work to catch up progress

Remember to buy ticket. We are going to watch drama “Energy FUN Earth”.

2014/11/14 Watch Acrobatic drama - "Energy Fun Earth"

Location at Xingzhuang Arts Center

2014/12/07 First experience acrobatics at Banqiao 435 Art Center – classroom of New Image Theater Group

2014/11/08 Share the fun experience of acrobatics. Upload our topic information. Mingde Junior High School

2014/12/09 We start to enter webpage design preparation.

2014/12/14 Second experience acrobatics at Banqiao 435 Art Center – classroom of New Image Theater Group

2014/12/15 Share our thinking about acrobatics activity

2014/12/16 Arrange webpage information classification.

2014/12/22 Listed the most excellent acrobatics in New Image Theater Group.

2014/12/23 Discuss the webpage contents.

2014/12/29 Webpage arrangement and publish. Plan for dream come true and lesson learned.

2014/12/30 Modify our description in the topics.

2015/01/05 Webpage design and work distribution.

2015/01/06 Discuss the banner. Experience stage under teachers’ guidance.

2015/01/22 Impromptu stage experience and practice

2015/01/22 Performing art under guidance by Teacher Lin Youxuan and Teacher Ge Yun Wen

2015/01/22 Experience riding a unicycle.

2015/01/24 Study log and on-street questionnaire arrangement.

2015/01/25 Coach riding a unicycle.

201501/30 Discuss acrobatics history and contents.

After 5 months efforts, we search, discuss data and watch drama. We experience unicycle, bounce, bricklayer, toss ring. Performing art teachers also help us for Impromptu stage experience. We understand one minute on stage needs ten years practice under stage. We all have learned a lot. Although many lunch breaks are spent, we are satisfied with our works. Thank you for all our helpful partners.


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