Welcome to our Cyberfair website, by the Beidou Junior High School Team for 2014. Historical Landmarks, Beidou town in Changhua county, is chosen as our category. We have focused on C-C Hall(Chung-Cheng Hall, it has built over 50 years) on campus. We have interviewed many people to collect interesting things, and unforgettable moment in Chung-Cheng Hall. On the other hand,we found out the future in this building. We hope you enjoy our project!

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Description of "Our Community"

Chung-Cheng Hall(C-C H.) is a Changhua County historical building, which it is located at Beidou Junior High School. We concerned about the people, the portrayal of how space activities with which they are changing.

Chung-Cheng Hall in Beidou Town, was built in 1960s, is an important spot. There has been lots of campus from high schools and local activities from residents. Therefore, teachers, students, and the communities from the area are all the elememts we would like to interview.

Shake this and looking into the future to enable students to understand the changing role of the Chung-Cheng Hall in Beidou Junior High School , proceed from the surrounding historic monuments, cherish the good things around. So we have more courage, to face future challenges.

Summary of Our Project

Chung-Cheng Hall in Beidou Junior High School currently is a Changhua County historic building ( Not many County historic sites are located at a campus only ) .The main purpose in the research is to trace the past stories (by visiting many interviewees related to Chung-Cheng Hall) of Chung-Cheng Hall( Beidou region popular initiatives meeting place, the Beidou activity field, a movie theater in school). Huang Kai-cheng, former President of Beidou Junior High School, initiates to retain the historical structures, transition for underperforming South Art Museum, and the whole process of building repair and maintenance. For the sake of historic site preservation, the supervisors had agreed with the community reconstruction of lively interaction with the school.

How did Chung-Cheng Hall, an important place in the past, change the role?

school address: No.136, Sec. 1, Wenyuan Rd., Beidou Township, Changhua County 521, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

school website: phone:886+4+8882072 Chiang Chao-te e-mail:adler@seed.net.tw