Bibliography:All is well that ends well.


1.Various Interviewees (2014) Interviews for Cyberfair. Interviewed by Beidou Junior High School Cyberfair Team Members of Chung-Cheng Hall. Most Locations on our campus, Between 21 Jan 2014 and 28 Feb 2014.

2.originated from <Footprints of Taiwan Changhua County volume 1 p167-171,p178,p207,p208> published by The General Acssociation of Chinese Culture 2011.

3.Beidou Township Office Website.

4. ChangHua County Cultural Affairs Bureau website.

5. Art & Culture-final.pdf p60-61) published by The ChangHua County Cultural Affairs Bureau April 2013.

6.Adopted from Local Records of Beidou.

7. School magazines of our school.

8. Senior yearbooks of our school.

9. Beidou Junior High Shool 60th anniversary school festival magazine.

10.Southern Changhua Art and humanities Museum Plan(2006.1-2013.12)

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12.Changhua County historic building:Chuang-Cheng Hall,

Research & rehabilitation scheme Interim report.(2009.10.1)


  1. Interview abstract of ex-director of student affairs, Liu Mao-ping
  2. Interview abstract of Dr. Xie Rui-Rong
  3. Interview of Miss Lin Mei-Hong
  4. nterview of the secretary of school catering, Mr. Qiu Zhong-Min
  5. interview of director Chang Jia-Xun
  6. interview of the ex-principal, Mr. Huang Kai-Cheng
  7. the ex-director, Mr.XieZheng-Hong.
  8. Miss He-Yu Wu
  9. Miss Hui-Li Fu
  10. Director Mei-Ling Xiao
  11. the present principal- Mr. Li Bi-Yao

Staff Assistance

  1. Information education: Mr. Chiang chao-Te
  2. Arts and Humanities education: Miss He-Yu Wu
  3. Society education: Mr. Chang Jia-Xun
  4. Beidou Junior High school Staff

Other Help

  1. English teacher: Miss LO,HSIN-YI
  2. English teacher: Miss WANG,YING-HUI
  3. English teacher: Miss CHEN,CHIA-LI
  4. Chief of information : Mr. Jacky CHEN
  5. School nurse: CHEN,YU-MEI
  6. Retired Chinese teacher: SU,AN-HSIUNG(he provided the PPT file of old photos on our campus)
  7. Beidou Township Library
  8. ChangHua County Cultural Affairs Bureau
  9. Beidou Cultural Council
  10. Substitute Service: LIN,YI-TING
  11. ChangHua County Cultural Affairs Bureau relative person