Caring for the Disadvantaged and Spreading the Seeds of Love 
Mr. Huang, Chien-jen

Photo Resources:

(1) Mr. Huang’s offering ( the manufacturer of unicycles)
(2) Photograping by ourselves
(3) The Facebook photos of the interviewers
The resource of the content explanation:
Sorting interviews by our school cyberfair group.

Our teamers with Mr. Huang after interviweing


We have been authorized to have full use rights of all pictures and movies from Mr. Huang, the owner of Yuh-Shiuann Industry Co,LTD. The contract of authorization were written in Chinese for the reason that Mr. Huang is not able to read English. Here are the Authorization contract.authorization.htmlauthorization.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1

Helping repairing unicycles of disadvataged students

Children can improve confidence by learning unicycles