The first contact with remote area laid a profound foundation of concern 

    Zhongliao Township, Nantou County is the start point for Mr. Huang to contact with remote area. The school collapsed in 921 Earthquake. Yuh Shiuann Industries have become famous thanks to word of mouth. Once any principal is to be assigned to remote elementary school, the other principals will recommend to him “Mr. Huang is a good man”. Then the new principal will visit Mr. Huang. Just for these reasons, Mr. Huang becomes contact with these schools gradually. In 2006, Teacher Su-wei Lu brought the flying boys without relatives or parenting for an island-circling journey, enabling a further contact between Mr. Huang and children of high concern. In fact, he is profoundly affected by Teacher Su-wei Lu and always ready to help others when they needed. Accordingly, Mr. Huang has more opportunities to promote unicycles and help the children to regain their confidence in the remote elementary schools or places of high concern.

Attached to Naivety ADHD Taiwan Association 

    Mr. Huang discovered that unicycle could help students of special education and children with hyperactivity disorder unexpectedly. Once within a week, three parents of students with hyperactivity disorder called. However, Mr. Huang has had no idea on hyperactivity disorder before. In the first phone call, the parent slightly mentioned it, then the second parent talked about it too and the third parent talked about it again. It seems like Mr. Huang is fated to help these children. Afterwards, Mr. Huang had a first contact with Naivety ADHD Taiwan Association and was dedicated to help them. And then, he began to know the great help of unicycle to hyperactivity disorder, where, unicycle can promote these Children's concentration. Mr. Huang found out after first meeting with the secretary general of Naivety ADHD Taiwan Association that even the staff's children were with hyperactivity disorder. He then realized that families and children with hyperactivity disorder were living a hard life. So he decided to assist them by use of the unicycles.