Special students in National Taichung Special Education School once rode unicycle for island-circling journey from Jinmen, Taiwan Island and Riyuetan Pool. There was a special story in Riyuetan circling, which became the turning point for Mr. Huang to help these special students. When the special students finished pool-circling activity, they could have their own pool-circling certificate. Teacher Ruiling had made a few simple rules to be observed with all students of special education “Nobody could get the certificate once he give up. ”

Regardless of dangers for students' safety

Children would vacillate and stagger. It's very dangerous if they fell on the road crowded with people and vehicles. Thus the accompanying teachers were riding at the road side to protect the students by their bodies. Everyone hearing this story was moved by these teachers who protected students regardless of their own danger and burst into tears.

There is no “give up” in my dictionary

Two children fell far behind for several reasons, who were marching ahead with efforts when the team arrived at the destination, i.e. Xiangshan Center of Activity. A pool-circling press conference was held at the activity center. The director called to Mr. Huang "Will you please drive two drop-off children hurriedly? The reporters have been waiting too long. Then Mr. Huang asked whether the two students wanted to get into the car. One of them got into the car while the other was not willing to. About 5 minutes later, the director called to Mr. Huang again "Please drive them along no matter whether they'd love to." The teacher aside answered the phone call "Is the press conference so important? In my view, it's more important that the child doesn't give up." Then Mr. Huang talked on the phone embarrassedly, the press conference can be started right now without
that student. Then Mr. Huang drove to the activity center. Actually it would only take 10 minutes to ride to the center. When Mr. Huang arrived early, he said to the reporters "Our hero will arrive. He is riding as hard as he can without giving up." Just at that time, the “hero” appeared. All the reporters turned their cameras from Mr. Huang to him. The reporters asked him, why didn't he get into the car instead? He said simply and sincerely “There is no ‘give up’ in my dictionary.”