Love in the Unicylce World

The Story about Yuh Shiuann Industry Co, Ltd.



People who give us advising

1,Major Instruction: LIN,YEN-CHEN (Teacher of Puyan junior high school.)

2,Cooperative Teachers: HUANG,QIAN-BO  NIAN,JIN-ZHUAN

3,Major Interviewee and helper: Mr. Chien-jen Huang

Photo Resources:

  1. (1)Mr. Huang’s offering and authorization.

    ( the owner of Yuh-Shiuann industry Co, LTD.)
(2) Photograping by ourselves.

Reference Books:

LU,SU-WEI (2006). Flying Boys. Taiwan. Aquarius Culture.


We have been authorized to have full use rights of all pictures and movies from Mr. Huang, the owner of Yuh-Shiuann Industry Co,LTD. The contract of authorization were written in Chinese for the reason that Mr. Huang is not able to read English. Here are the Authorization contract.