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Enthusiastic owner

In the process of the interview, the owner of ?What not only answered our questions, but also made tea for us. She hopes us to enjoy the sweet of tea. The owner welcomes all customers to visit her shop and everyone has a special treatment since the owner would think of what is proper for you. For example, the owner has made fresh juice with JuicePresso for a customer. It is very unusual to meet an interesting shop in the downtown. I hope there is a chance to enjoy the kindness again!



Full of happiness

We enjoyed the quiet happiness while sipping tea in Zenique, had the luxury of happiness while into 8%ICE, got unexpected happiness in Piao Piao Art, and were surrounded by happiness as in Okinawa in Sefa58. In Earth tree, we strung one after another bliss; in Bistro Le Pont, we tasted elegant and romantic happiness; in T. Loafer, we quietly felt the slow pace of happiness! After visiting these stores, we smiled satisfyingly and happily. We were appreciated that, in Yongkang district, the simple happiness is everywhere!



Challenge Paper Models

In this project, we interviewed a lot of people, and we learned a lot. Among them, the interview of the CEO of Formosa Hayata Association (FHA) is particularly interesting. During the interview, we had an extra benefit – making paper models. FHA was preparing its activity of making paper models, so the CEO gave us paper models as gift. He also showed us the complete production. As the moment of getting the paper model, we wanted to complete it immediately. However, it was not as easy as we imagined. We almost gave up in the process; to our surprise, we made it!



elder schoolmate’s support

When we distributed the survey in Yongkang St., the passerby would not be willing to take our survey; they thought we were just spreading flyers or recruiting students for after-class institutes. So we stood there for a long time. "We are students from Taipei Zhongzheng junior high school. We are making a special project of introducing Yongkang Street. We need your support to do survey for us." We dressed in school uniforms, calling in Yongkang St. but no one came to us, excepting two girls like college students who walked to us lively. "We are ......”, interrupting our explanation, one of them said "Hello, I am an alumnus of Taipei Zhongzheng Junior High School! You work very hard! I can do the survey for you!" She said so excitedly. We handed a survey to her, but she immediately asked for the second. We were confused of her request. To our surprise, she suddenly passed the survey to the other girl, pushing her "You are really cruel, just standing over there. Come to do the survey!" We were so touched that we were almost in tears! There is tenderness everywhere!



Embarrassment on stage

In terms of all activities, the most impressive thing is to sing on the stage since there were two embarrassing things. The first embarrassment is that we took note on stage. Two days before the show, we were still trying to remember the lyrics of “Tears for You” very hard. Even on that day of performing on stage, we couldn’t memorize the lyrics well. We had no way but took the note with us to sign on stage. The second embarrassment is that I was out of key. Each of us was assigned one piece of solo. I was responsible for a small piece but I just couldn’t sing well. In a few minutes before the performance I just got the right key. Unexpectedly, I was shocked by the voice transferred by the microphone and then I was out of the key again! I was so embarrassed and that my face was so red. The worse thing was that my friends saw it. I think it would be the biggest embarrassment in my life.



Disappeared files

In the process of making the web page, the most important thing is to save the file when we are making a super complicated work! However, one day, one of us could not find the file which he saved just one night before. Everyone was scared, and looked for it right away. Finally, we realized that he saved the file with another file’s name, and thus he overwrote the existing good file. We tried many ways to get the data recovery; however, we failed. So he had to redo it. After this lesson, everyone was more careful when we saved the files!