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Most people’s impression about Yongkang Business district is a place of delicacy and interesting stuffs. However, this district’s characters are not only the delicacy or desert, but also those special shops in lanes, such as the fair-trade store, the interesting creative shop, and even gallery or cooking classroom. In addition to the Japanese old houses and atmosphere of traditional culture/ education district, the unique humanities air is very special for a business district. People always can find bliss flavor different from city in this district although it’s located in downtown.


Nowadays, Yongkang Business district have many special stores/ restaurants. Everything surprises people, from foreign cuisines to local food, from café to tea shop, from ice cream to desert. At the corners, people can find the footprint of Taipei development. Yongkang Park makes the environment green, offers space for pleasure, and stage for performance. Because of Dongmen MRT station’s open for business, there are always crowds in this district, on weekdays and weekends. Yongkang Business district has been the must-to-go attraction.