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City Dynamic

Yongkang Business district is a place for Taipei people’s daily life; we play and have meals here from our childhood. Our favorite in the childhood was to slide in Yongkang Park. Now, this district is an important attraction for visitors. Many people’s impression about Yongkang Business district is delicacies, such as steamed dumpling and mango ice cream. Some people come here just following the media report; some people come here specifically for recalling the gathering time with family and friends, to satisfy the flavor in the memory. In addition, there are some people come here for Yongkang Park’s green or the scenery of delicate lanes. More people come here following Taipei City’s historical footprints to feel the time and the arts air.

Bliss Mark

The satisfaction of different levels in life is bliss. In Yongkang Business district, you can satisfy your need of fine food and shopping in lanes, and you can experience the unique historical humanities atmosphere. We think that Yongkang Business district represents the pure wonderful bliss in Taipei life. Children can have the bliss of play in Yongkang Park; the youth can share the feeling of growing up in many kinds of stores; the office staff can have bliss of leisure when walking around the lanes at spare time; the elder people can have a sip of bliss in the tea-flavor air. We hope that the visitors coming to Yongkang Business district can find their own bliss although the district has changed with time. Now, please follow our steps to discover your Bliss Yongkang!