Learning:Arts learning
Art Learning of Hakka Fabric
Art of Hakka Fabric with Peony Pattern:
The Hakka people manage their household with industry and thrift. They make blankets and quilts with Hakka fabric. The fabrics with flower patterns, such as peony, plum blossom etc., are most commonly used to highlight the wealth and festivity. The peony stands for wealth and social position. The marriage dowries with peony patterns represent the Hakka culture and art most.
Art of Hakka Fabric with Tung Flowers Pattern:
Tung Flower is an imagery of Hakka spirits, also known as Flower of May. It grows in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli and blooms in May. Hakka Affairs Council of Taiwan considers Tung Flower a symbol of Hakka and develops Hakka fabric with Tung Flower pattern.
Four Series:
4 series: Flower Love, Flower Inlay, Flower Inlaid and Flower Doll The crafts: fabric handbags, fabric mascots, fabric lanterns, fabric phone wristlets, fabric water bottle bags etc.
Art Learning of Bu-Ma
Traditional Bu-Ma:
Every single part for a Bu-Ma must be handmade, for example cutting bamboos, shaping, papering and sewing. Production by machine isn’t allowed. The Bu-Ma is an art creation of CPES and community. It allows the kids to learn the ancestral skills and the community to get involved. Besides, the design of Bu-Ma has been innovating, for example, the first generation bamboo strips to the second generation luminous fabric, then to the third generation sponge, and now the fourth generation plastic strips.
There are different sizes of Bu-Ma mascots, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, 60 cm and 70 cm. By making Bu-Ma mascots, the students can learn, can experience the beauty of Bu-Ma and can be more creative.
Bu-Ma of Community:
The value of art has attracted attention from school to community.
Art Learning of Bu-Ma Dance
Traditional Bu-Ma dance:
Matchmaker And Marriage, Parade of Number One Scholar
Theater of Bu-Ma:
The first dance: Gain An Immediate Victory – Wish our guests an immediate victory.
The second dance: Bu-Ma Dancing To Welcome Guests – Welcome the President Ma to CPES and Raoping.
Taiwan Bu-Ma with Gangnam Style:
Traditional Bu-Ma dance and the music of Gangnam Style work together.
Innovative Bu-Ma With Vigorous Spirit:
The Hakka fabric dragon and inline skating Bu-Ma represent the Hakka spirit of innovation and art value.