Learning:Teacher’s Gratitude
Miss Zhu Jiayun
  It’s a rare experience to instruct the students in the Cyberfair. Although Bu-Ma is a featured course of CPES, I was a bystander to it and enjoyed the performances simply before I got involved in this project. I helped the students work on this project from start to finish. With the advanced study of Bu-Ma and the hard making of Bu-Ma, we realize every Bu-Ma is acquired after many setbacks. I saw the children's efforts and intentions during the project. They cut their hands and have callused hands because of cutting bamboos, weaving and shaping. They had been squatting down for several hours to lay the paper mash on Bu-Ma. In order to know the history of Bu-Ma, they spent a lot of time to interview the masters and instructors. They worked on computer to write down their opinions and design the web page during the winter vacation. It was much harder than they had ever thought. They were full of zest for the project when it started, but their passion cooled and they wanted to give up because of their heavy amount of work. Fortunately, they kept on working perseveringly and have made fruitful achievements. They have had a lot of “initial experience” by doing the project. The whole incident has moved me profoundly.
Miss Xie Yichun

  Being unclear about Cyberfair, I was told by the school principal to instruct the students in the Cyberfair.
  “I don’t need to have fear.”I said to myself. “Because I am responsible for documentary instructions.”
  Against to my expectation, participating in Cyberfair caused great hardship and suffering. I had thought all I had to do is to instruct the students in documentary stuff, visiting the community and interviewing the masters. Beyond my imagination, the students wanted to learn and experience everything about Bu-Ma personally, including making and dancing. Along with the written word, they wanted practical experience and advanced research. Their can-do spirit had moved me profoundly. For this reason, I tried to handle bulky stuff and learned to do everything that the students had learned to do, such as cutting bamboos, weaving, drilling and sewing. It was tough but sweet also all the way along. The students investigated on the spot, wrote the paper, designed the web page on holidays. Successfully completing the task, I gained a strong sense of accomplishment. The task has been fulfilled due to the hard working of Jiayun, who is pregnant and going to have a baby in April, and Jianbin, who worked on computer day and night. Of course, I really appreciated the help of the school principal, Mr. Ding Minghui, Miss Chen Binbin, Mr. Xu Shilang, Miss Chi Lanhui, the volunteer group and master in Guoling community.

Mr. Chen Jianbin

  The activity is already drawing to an end. The interviews and manuscripts were transformed into photos, video clips and web pages one after another.
  I really appreciated the students’ diligence, parents’ support, colleagues’ help and assistance, artistic editing and opinions of Mr. Ding Minghui and all the instructors’ help. I believed we were filled with a sense of achievement even though it was tough all the way along.   “Kids, as you sow, so you reap. We sweated and we will enjoy the nice and sweet fruits of success. Just keep working hard, you will surely be rewarded.”