The Scenes:In CPES
  CPES uses school’s characteristics, school-based curriculums, diversity intelligent and strategy alliance theories etc to develop “Bu-Ma Over Guoling Hill, Inheritance of Hakka Culture”courses, plowing in local culture; and open up 4 main courses. Main course 4 is “Plowing Hua La Bi Bo “, is a course designed with Hakka fabrics and Bu-Ma industry. Our school is not just all about theory, we are actually running these courses. Please come and see our achievements!
“Plowing Hua La Bi Bo” Courses
class 3 4 5 6

Course Name

Bu-Ma Drawing Fabrics Decoupage Art Dancing Bu-Ma Bu-Ma Puppet


1. Knowing Bu-Ma
2. Painting Bu-Ma
3. Enjoy Bu-Ma
1.Knowing Fabrics
2. The best of decoupage
3. Let’s do decoupage Art
1. Basic steps
2. Creative dance
3. Turbo Charge
1. Creative tailor
2. Perform Bu-Ma


Life Application:
Through Power Point presentation understand Hakka Bu-Ma Dance, enjoy Bu-Ma Dance Performance
Creative Design:
Use bright colors, paint unique and creative Bu-Ma painting.
Display Products:
Design finished products and display them in classes during Parents Day.

Life Application:
Hakka Fabrics first time experience (Get to know Hakka fabrics’ Power Point learning)
Creative Design:
Use fabrics decoupage unique display
Product Display:
Display final products in class during Parents Day.

First step:
Basic dance learning → with music→practice →familiarize dancing steps
Creative Performance:
With dancing group, perform creative formation.
Confident Performance:
Practice with small groups → Practice with all groups →Show your turbo dancing power.

Handmade Experience:
Demonstration basic sewing → Instruct Bu-Ma stitching sewing steps → students in groups learning making Bu-Ma doll.
Display Products:
Display products in Windows of the World during Parents day.

Actual Live Learning Footage.

Painting Bu-Ma Fabrics Decoupage Art Students performing confidently Working together sewing Bu-Ma doll
Class Achievements
Comments from student Student Jhihjia “Dancing Bu-Ma dance is very exhausting, running around during class. I was sweating after each class but I learned how to dance Bu-Ma dance. Performing dance with my classmates is a very enjoyable experience”
Comment from Parents Yisyuan’s Mother “My child really enjoy dancing Bu-Ma steps, every time he goes home he says I learned a new dance steps today from Miss Binbin Next Saturday we are going to perform in the community, he reminds me do not forget to bring a camera.”
Teacher’s comment Miss Wu Jingmei “Students are really trying during Bu-Ma class, a lot of volunteers willing to come up front and perform Bu-Ma steps. In the ten years of teaching in CPES is the first time I see students so motivated. ”
Comment from community Parent Helper “Taking children to attend HakKa living camp performing Bu-Ma dance, hearing cheering from the crowds and to see happy faces from students make me feel all hardworks worthwhile.”