The Procedure:
  Today, we were going to experience the Bu-Ma dance, and we particularly had the advising teacher of the Bu-Ma team, Chen Binbin, to teach us how to dance with the Bu-Ma. Watching a spectacular show is a good experience, however, to be the main characters on the stage that was not an easy job. Let’s see our achievement of the Bu-Ma dance!

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Ziyang’s opinion
  Dancing with Bu-Ma was not just a fun show but a hard-working job. After the experience, I understood that we had to make a lot of efforts on the Bu-Ma dance.
Tinghan’s opinion
  The Bu-Ma dance was not just funny but tired. Before I hadn’t attended the activity, I felt simple to watch my classmates dance with Bu-Mas. As a result, I could understand that those steps looked simple, but once you got through them yourself, you would be exhausted.
Xinqiao’s opinion
  Today my classmates and I experienced how the feeling of the Bu-Ma dance was and I could feel it’s quite particular and different because I was with my classmates. This experience had me a kind of unforgettable feeling because I had danced the part one of the Bu-Ma dance for a long time.
Chengen’s opinion
  Today I had learned not only the way to put on the Bu-Ma, but also all the movements of the whole song of the Bu-Ma dance. Even though I realized that dancing with Bu-Ma was not an easy job, I admired those friends who belong to the Bu-Ma club with all my heart. They had carried such heavy Bu-Mas and had danced for so many years without any complaints. That’s awesome! That’s great to learn so much about the Bu-Ma.
Peixian’s opinion

  During the experience, I had a great of fun with the Bu-Ma dance. There were many skills about dancing with Bu-Ma actually; no matter what the big or small movements were, how soon or late the positions to be in, and how quick or slow the tempos were, we all had to control nicely. Then we could perfectly perform the characters of the Bu-Ma dance in front of the audience.