The Task:
  For putting on the clothing for the Bu-Ma that was made of pasted newspaper, then we finished the work completely.
The Procedure:
  We saw how those female volunteers made the clothing for Bu-Ma in the community industrial museum. First, we exactly measured the size of Bu-Ma, had a large piece of paper to draw the shape of Bu-Ma, and then cut it down. While we were drawing, the volunteers said “We don’t have nice tools to measure precisely. That’s the reason why we have to draw bigger than the original. If we do so, we can adjust the size easily when we cut the shape for Bu-Ma.” With the teacher’s explanation, we understood more about the skills for making Bu-Ma. We folded a large piece of cloth in half, and put the shaped paper on that cloth to cut it down. Then we completed the top of Bu-Ma. After that, we started to hem the skirt for Bu-Ma. Teachers let us experience sewing the clothes and we had to fold the cloth and seam the top and the bottom. As to experience the sewing machine, the teacher taught us that we had to paddle it slowly though; we still felt nervous. We all sewed zigzag on the clothes because paddled the sewing machine too hard. We had learned the skills than usual; after all, we felt happy very much.
Drawing and cutting the paper shape of Bu-Ma Cutting the blossom clothing Sewing the clothing Making the head and the tail of Bu-Ma
Ziyang’s opinion
  We had to make a lot of efforts for Bu-Mas. Making a Bu-Ma not only needed expert skills but also required hard-working production. That’s the reason why I respected the originator of Bu-Ma very much.
Pinhong’s opinion
  After I experienced through the procedure, I had known how to sew the clothing and had learned many skills. I had a wonderful day because I went home with a lot of knowledge.
Xinqiao’s opinion
  I had learned how to sew the clothing and measure this time, so I really had a good sense of accomplishment after I had done the work.
Chengen’s opinion
  Today I had learned how to get the larger clothing for cutting, the clothing had to be flexible, the method of sewing, even the relation between a ruler, a yard and a centimeter. I truly had learned much more the knowledge than usual, so it’s an interesting and rich day for me.
Tinghan’s opinion
  It’s going to be our last day that the teacher taught us some knowledge. At first, I had got ready for the activity and expected the day coming soon. After I had attended the activity, I was lazy to memorize something that caused me to think about giving up; however, keep going on the work was still in my mind. Because of this good activity, I had learned some knowledge and had made me very happy. I appreciated that the teacher invited us to attend.