The Task:
  For completing the framework of Bu-Mas, we asked the female volunteers for tying them up tight. Then we should have some flour and alum and cook it to be the paste. Finally we spread it on the newspaper and stuck the newspaper onto the framework of Bu-Mas.

The Materials:
  Pails, Brushes, Alum, Electromagnetic Ovens, Flour, Newspaper

The Procedure:
  We asked our parents and female volunteers for tying up those frames because we did not have enough strength to do that. We were in charge of making the paste, and we found that it was not an easy work at all. As for the process of heating, we could not stop stirring or the scorch would be in the pot. First we poured the flour and the alum slowly into the water and cooked them to be the paste. By the way, the purpose of alum is to prevent insects from biting or the rot. Then, we began to spread the paste on the newspaper and stuck the newspaper onto the framework of Bu-Mas. We placed the newspaper on the first two layers outside the frames and then the first layer inside the frames. After that we waited for the newspaper to be dry, and then kept sticking the newspaper on until the frames were firm enough. At the end the frames of Bu-Mas were totally dry, we finished the work completely.
Making the paste Cooling the paste for use Placing the newspaper on the first layer of the frame The Product
Sticking the newspaper on the second layer of the frame The Product The Works The Works
Peixian’s opinion
  During the experience, I found that the alum is used to prevent the rot originally. The teacher said that “There is some bug problems in spring, so we need the alum to get rid of them.” That is amazing!
Chengen’s opinion
  Today I was really exhausted! I had done some exercise and learned much more knowledge; yet I had got both advantage and disadvantage. Even if I was very tired, I felt very happy still.
Xinqiao’s opinion
  After making the paste, I knew that the flour and the alum could used to be the paste, and the alum could prevent ants to bite the bamboo that gave me a lesson. Moreover when we made the paste, we were too careful to avoid the paste going onto our clothes or we had to take a shower first as soon as we got home.
Tinghan’s opinion
  Although we worked very hard, it was worth to do it. After we had finished the pasting work, each Bu-Ma looked different. Because we contributed the hard-working and efforts to it, that’s why we could make a Bu-Ma more beautiful. As if some classmates were naughty sometimes, we still had done the work that we have to do. When we saw the products of our own, we were so proud of them.
Ziyang’s opinion
  It looked simple to paste the newspaper on the framework, but in fact it’s difficult to make it. If we had not done the work properly at first, it’s really hard to fix it or it would be stingy after it was dry. We failed the work several times even though we worked hard. After that I became impatient, the teacher reminded us of being calm. Therefore I took a deep breath and then kept going to work seriously. Meanwhile the Bu-Mu seemed to feel my heart, let me finish my work quickly and nicely. As a result I realized that it’s not necessary to be impatient, being peaceful and calm to work or I almost destroyed the Bu-Ma because of my bad mood.