Experience:Weaving & Shaping
The Task:
  For building the framework of a Bu-Ma, we used the pieces of bamboos that were done before to shape. In the meanwhile we visited the Bu-Ma master, Mr. Xu, and recorded the whole course.
The Procedure:  
  From the beginning, we pared and cleaned those pieces in the way of slicing, modeled the pieces inside a wooden frame, and set a small circle stable by iron wire. Secondly, we built a curving framework, measured and marked the length on it for making some holes by an electric driller. At the end, we used iron wire to make the pieces of bamboos firm and then assembled from the body to the head to accomplish the model of a Bu-Ma.
Thinning the pieces of bamboos Making the framework by using frames Modeling the framework Completing the framework
Ziyang’s opinion
  At first, the teacher asked us to be hurried, but I felt curious about why we had to make the framework quickly. After we questioned the teacher, we realized that the longer the bamboos stayed in the air, the sooner they were dry. If they became dry, they were hard to be shaped. I found that what the teacher said was right. As for the dried bamboos, once they became hard and I hardly made them curved with my strength, so I was always behind the schedule. Despite this frustration made me upset, the teacher reminded me “There is no satisfaction without a struggle first.” That truly encouraged me to try again and again.
Chengen’s opinion
  In the process of making a Bu-Ma, I had learned many skills because of that. Not only I had learned how to make a hole, tie up the iron wire, and so on, but also I had known how to use the camera. However our team was always the last one to finish the work, that really made me frustrated. Fortunately, the teacher helped us a lot, or we were going to fail. After all it was an interesting and hard-working day!
Xinqiao’s opinion
  In this process, the most terrible thing was using an electric driller myself because the electric driller was hardly to hold on. One more thing we worried about the bamboos, we had to make them curved before they became harder and harder. Anyway I understood that making a Bu-Ma was hard-working, so I really admired the teacher for his profession in making Bu-Mas. After I had done the framework, I felt easy finally. Because making the framework was harder that I thought; especially, when we used the iron wire and the electric driller. For example we were easy to get stung by using the iron wire, we felt nervous by using the electric driller and we were afraid that the classmates would get hurt. It’s not simple that the Bu-Ma we made was similar to the teacher’s, yet we couldn’t tie up the iron wire, the Bu-Ma looked loose. Luckily, we had the female volunteers to help.
Tinghan’s opinion
  Today I have used the stuff that I have never used before and learned some new and different knowledge. Making a Bu-Ma for a couple of days caused me to think that was not an easy job to do. It’s funny to use the electric driller and I got it easily after use once and then continued using it twice, three times, and so on. However I didn’t ignore the danger of the electric driller, I used it carefully every time. In addition, I found that the iron wire was difficult to tie up, and I got stung while I was winding up the Bu-Ma. During the process I met some questions and even would like to give up; nevertheless, I had finished my work and had the good sense of accomplishment at the end.
Peixian’s opinion
  During the experience, I had learned the methods and the skills of using tools and also found that making a Bu-Ma was not an easy work. First, we had to pick bamboos carefully if the bamboos were too thin to break or the bamboos were too thick to curve. Second, I was very nervous while I was using the electric driller because it’s my first time to use it! I tried to get the electric driller gently close to the pieces of the bamboo and pressed the driller’s button, but it slipped off my hand easily. The teacher taught us step by step and guided us to make it perfectly. I truly admired the teachers!
Pinhong’s opinion
  First of all, the teacher pushed us to move faster that was the way for him to express. I remembered that when I had the electric driller to use, I drilled the wrong positions all the time. As a result, the teacher patiently taught me how to drill a hole on the pieces of bamboos. Then I was familiar with the method of using the electric driller, I was the person who expert in making holes. We would like to thank Teacher Hsu who helped us at once if necessary.