The Task:
  For making a Bu-Ma of our own, we need to find the proper bamboos first. Then we cut them off the land and use a machete to flatten the nodes on their surface.
The Procedure:  
  When arrived at the Double-Hall House, we marched forth the bamboo forest orderly and saw many tall and thick bamboos in size there. We consulted the details carefully with the teacher how to choose the bamboos with good qualities. Therefore the teacher taught us that the green bamboos without any white spots are good for use.
  First of all, we tried to saw off a long and firm bamboo and dragged it hard out of the bamboo forest. Then we sawed it in equal length, got rid of its bottom, and divided it into quarter and made it in another half. Finally, we flattened its nodes on the surface and completed the work.
sawing bamboos in proper size cutting bamboos in half and into pieces flattening the nodes on the pieces of bamboos dividing the pieces of bamboos in proper length
Ziyang’s opinion
  Because of this experience, I know how difficult the early Chinese people were living in Taiwan. Those bamboos are not only hard but also heavy. Nowadays, we just need to make a call or use a computer to order something to eat, but the early people had to cut woods and set fire for meals. Therefore the people nowadays should keep the gratitude in mind all the time.
Chengen’s opinion
  It was interesting to cut the bamboos in the Double-Hall House. Not only we had learned a lot of knowledge, but also we had done everything ourselves. The teacher bought some tools for us even though we haven’t got there yet. That was a wonderful day anyhow.
Xinqiao’s opinion
  Cutting off the bamboos made me have a good sense of accomplishment. While we were using the machete, we had to be very careful or our hands would get hurt. Moreover we needed for cooperation; if not, the Bu-Ma we made would be zigzag and had to be fixed again and again.
Tinghan’s opinion
  As a matter of fact, there was a good method to saw, we couldn’t do it without concern. When it was my turn, the saw got stuck and couldn’t be moved out of the bamboo any more. Then the teacher taught us that all we need to do was separated the bamboo just a little by hands. I had learned more knowledge from this activity, and hoped that everybody could have a try at it. Making a Bu-Ma was not an easy work, so we should cherish all the things you have owned that come from many people’s hard-working.
Peixian’s opinion
  In this experience of making a Bu-Ma, I had found that we had to exert our strength properly in cutting the bamboo. If we pushed too hard, the bamboos would be cracked and not to be used. After all cutting bamboos has given me a lesson, we have to make correct choices for each of the steps in our life.
Pinhong’s opinion
  In the process of making a Bu-Ma, I found Bu-Ma is a kind of the stuff that we should spend a lot of time and work to get. That was a hard working.