Interview :With Instructor
Reported By He Peixian, Yang Tinghan and Ceng Xinqiao
Interview with instructor of Bu-Ma dance
Interviewee: Miss Chen Binbin
Location: in a classroom of CPES
Date: Jan. 17th, 2013 Time: 14:00~15:00
Interview and Introduction
Miss Chen Binbin is the instructor of Bu-Ma dance of CPES. She choreographs and teaches the students how to dance Bu-Ma. Through this interview, we wanted to learn Bu-Ma dance and have a better understanding of Bu-Ma. We also wanted to know the reason why she loves teaching Bu-Ma dance.
Interview with Miss Chen Binbin
Taking notes during the interview
A group photo after the interview
Q & A during the interview
Question Miss Chen’s Answer
Why do you want to be the instructor of Bu-Ma dance? The principal of CPES wanted to set up a Bu-Ma dance troupe and I majored in dance, so we decided to work together.
Why has CPES set up the Bu-Ma troupe and for how many years? The principal regards Bu-Ma as a special Hakka culture of Guoling community. For 5 years.
Are you tired with teaching the students Bu-Ma dance? Have you ever thought about quitting? Sometimes, but the students’ serious practice encourages me to hold out.
How do the students of Bu-Ma troupe behave? How do you treat the badly-behaved students? Most of them behave well. The badly-behaved students will have fewer performing opportunities.
Where has the Bu-Ma troupe performed? We have been in many places. The most particular places are the stage of Golden Melody Awards and the Legislative Yuan.
Who choreographed? I did. The traditional Bu-Ma dance is for adults. I adapted it and it will be easier for kids.
Who edited the music? Mr. Lü Mingfeng
What’s the music style of Bu-Ma dance? We need a lively style, more gongs and drums.
Are there any important points when choreographing? Liveliness and performance skills are very important, just like roll and jump.
Are there any difficulties when teaching Bu-Ma dance? The time is limited, so we can practice only from 8:00 to 8:30 mornings out of consideration for the kids’ study. We don’t have enough time for practice.
Why do we wave flags while dancing? The flag is a symbol of the spirit.