The “Teacher Lin Storytelling Team” belongs to Taipei Public Library. The volunteers tell stories at 14:30-16:00 on Sunday in 45 branches of Taipei Public Library. In addition to give the children happy time, the most important goal is to promote reading. “Lin” is just a symbolic pronoun, and this team wants more volunteers who enjoy telling stories establish dreaming story world, in order to let children like reading by enjoying stories.



Lin’s story activities have run 25 years until 2012. Until now, there are many teachers who serve more than 20 years tell stories for children in libraries. So far there are about 300 volunteers in Teacher Lin Storytelling Team in 45 libraries of Taipei Public Library. In the aspect of administration, the volunteers in every branch responsible for contacting. This team is separated in 4 districts, including 4 mayors, 45 library leaders, chief, information group, activity Group, edit Group and research group. Teacher Lin Storytelling Team established troupe formally in 2001, and named “Teacher Lin Troupe for Children” to perform officially.


Teacher Lin Storytelling Team still work from 1987 until now, affecting each participant children, and erect the atmosphere of telling stories for the libraries in Taiwan. Through actual visit, interview volunteers and so on, we use thematic research in order to know this selfless story team, and introduce them how to make Taipei become dreaming story world.

The content of the whole website are from every teammates' writing. We design questionnaires, conduct special column writing, take notes of the actual visits, take photos by ourselves. All of the information is of first-hand. The website was designed by ourselves. Some pictures are requested from TLST. We got their permission to put the pictures on the website. The pictures are authorized to use. The Team leader also gave us their picture disc to post on our web. We download the pictures from the websites listed below. (