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Most content of our project comes from team members¡¦ writing, drawing pictures and searching in the Internet. By working and discussing togethe , we¡¦ll reach a conclusion.

Each page of our project will mark who write those words, who draw those pictures and where do you get those information. We learn to respect intellectual property and we also follow its rules so that student will have a correct concept about intellectual property when they are young.

Besides, we also get department of civil affair¡¦s authorized certificate and it is shown below.

  Reference from internet ¡@

 ¢i Department of civil affair.¡¨ Department of Civil Affair, Taipei City Government¡¨. [Online]

 ¢i Department of civil affair."Lin An Tai historical & museum¡¨ [Online]

 ¢i Department of Culture Affair. ¡¨Department of Culture Affair, Taipei City Government¡¨ [Online]

 ¢i Taipei City Government. ¡¨Taipei e-service online¡¨ [Online]

 ¢i Hang-Yan, Lee. "Central Daily¡¨[Online]

 ¢i Department of Culture Affair.¡¨Encyclopedia of Taiwan¡¨ [Online]

 ¢i National Digital Archive Program.¡¨Taiwan history and its historical site¡¨ [Online]

 ¢i Department of infromation and tourism. ¡¨Taiwan Travel.Net¡¨[Online]

  Reference from books ¡@

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