The Beauty of Bricks

2013 International Schools CyberFair The Beauty of Bricks in Taiwan


In order to finish our project, we not only visited the brick klin but also gathered much useful information from books and the Internet. The bibliography is listed as below. We are really thankful for the useful books and online information which help us a lot to complete our project.

Reference Books

01. Jian, X. M. (2006). The brief history of the brick kiln industry in Huatan. Changhua

Bibliography, 8, 109-124.

02. Wu, C. W. (1999). The hometown of the brick kiln. Changhua: Changhua County

Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Online Information

01. Art Bricklaying Website

02. Changhua County Historical Monuments and Buildings Information Website

03. Encyclopedia of Taiwan

Thanks to Ms. Liao and Mr. CHang in Shuenda Brick Kiln

Besides looking for information from the books and the Internet, we also visited the Shuenda Brick Kiln in Huatan and interviewed Mr. Chang and Ms. Lia. Ms. Liao gave us clear and detailed explanation of the brick industry and provided many cherish pictures. Mr. Chang taught us how to carve the bricks and showed us how to turn the bricks into fine art works. We really appreciate their help so that we could successfully finish our project.

Mr. Cheng-Yuan Chang
Ms. Chun-E Liao

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