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Jimmy Huang, born in 1962 in Erhlin Town, Changhua County, studied in the Erhlin junior high school (became Erhlin Senior High School in 2002). Jimmy Huang had good academic performance, saying his math never got less than 99 points. After graduating from junior high, Jimmy Huang was admitted to Taichung First Senior High School and Taichung Teachers College. His family hoped that he would attend college, but he chose Taichung First Senior High School.

Jimmy said that he often wore underwear, shorts and flops to bookstores to read books for an entire afternoon in high school; for example, Sartre and Camus. He admitted that he was very happy, and hoped one day he would an intellectual.

He once said, "People living in the world should feel with their hearts, interact with the environment to interact, go along with an atmosphere, and have fun." At that time, he followed his heart—the desire for new knowledge and change, to choose the Taichung First Senior High School. His character has been affecting the choices of his future.

Jimmy Huang studied in the Department of Foreign Languages of Tunghai University, and attended “Dongfeng Society,” which introduced foreign cultures. Dongfeng Society had publications and organized academic lectures. There were groups of "reading group", "current affairs team," literary group," "movie team," and "music appreciation group” with regular discussions. They criticized social phenomena and learned logic and reasoning. Jimmy got to know many German films and classic black-and-white films, which affected his future. He was also the elected president of the society with his excellent leadership and communication skills until his graduation.

He pointed out that he served as the president of class for 11 years since elementary school till senior high, and served as the president of society in college. Perhaps his experience is one of the important reasons why he is a good producer.

(Source : China Digital Television)

(Source : The ARS Film Production, Taiwan)