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Resources of Research Project

  • How does the Cyberfair research of project contribute to education and curriculum of our school?
    It has been years that our school introduced video production course. We envied the seniors when they made their videos. The school joined the high school quality plan this semester and listed film production course as one special art course. Jimmy Huang’s speech let us know more about the work behind the scenes. He also shared his experiences with us, and arranged visits of studio and film production company - Taipei Postproduction and the Arrow Cinematic. We recorded these visits so that teachers can share with the whole school, to enrich the curriculum.

  • Is the Internet teaching and learning more efficient than the traditional way? Our learning?
    The biggest difference between Internet teaching and traditional teaching is the flexibility of time and space. We used Internet a lot, such as communicating, contacting, and discussing on the Internet. The teacher had in-depth and one-on-one discussion with students, not unrestricted by time and space., to best utilize fragmented time to achieve the task. It was a very efficient teaching method.

  • How did we play the role of "ambassadors" via Internet?
    After producer Jimmy Huang’s speech, the teachers contacted him. Because he got work on hand, we waited until the Chinese New Year to interview him in Erhlin Township library when he came back to Erhlin. We asked question via phone or SMS, and emailed him when he was abroad. Later, he arranged us to visit Taipei Postproduction and Arrow Cinematic Group to interview important figures.

  • What is the role of our school at local?
    Erhlin is an important town among the four coastal towns at southwest of Changhua County (Erhlin, Dacheng, Fangyuan, Chutang) city. Erhlin Junior High School is the first high school among these towns, and it was upgraded to a senior high school in 2003. Also, it is the first senior high school of Changhua County. The Erhlin High School is a community school with junior high and senior high departments.
    Our school has a long-term plan of education and contests with cultural and local characteristics. Thus, many institutions, organizations, monuments, or temples are very happy to communicate and interact with our students, and even provide funding, so we can have more resources to promote the truth, goodness and beauty of Erhlin through contests or events.

  • What IT technology did we use to complete our research project?
    The school and the teachers provided equipment and technical assistance, so that the eight members in different classes were able to contact each other to discuss without the constraints of time and space. In addition, these devices also helped us record many important images and conversations, so that we presented the first-hand information completely in the research project.

    1.Digital Camera Recording the process
    2.HD digital camera Recording interviews, and making a short film on Jimmy Huang
    3.Voice Recorder Record the Interview process.
    4.PC+NB data compilation, video editing, image processing, web production
    5.Internet Contacting interviewers, communicating information, and gathering information
    6.Facebook Compiling and sharing information, expressing feelings and learning
    7.Network hard disk Web host, storing the information collected, data sharing
    8.Scanner Digital photo, paper information
    9.School Library Data collection, photocopying, and searching information on yearbook
    10.PC software Doc Editing Office2003、Openoffice3.2
    Image Processing PhotoImpact、Photoshop、Illustrator
    Video Editing
    Webpage production FrontPage

    Producer Jimmy Huang, producer Ren-hao Xu, Director Chao-Bin Su, Taipei Postproduction, Arrow Cinematic Group, Erhlin Town Library, Erhlin junior high school teachers, Erlin High School Library


  • Discovery, surprise and learning
    In our research process, we had in-depth understanding of the movie production behind the scenes .
    Take the popular film "Cape No. 7" for example. Before this project, we only remembered the protagonist, Aka, said, “Stay, or I go with you." Now we can appreciate every detail of the movie. We said something like: "The shot is so beautiful.” Don’t know how long they searched for the scene." "The music really fits.” Because all parts in a movie are closely linked to each other, from concept, sketch, storyboard, planning, shooting, post-production, to presentation. Regardless of the box office, movie itself is a work of art.
    Members of the evil spirit team are very interested in this area, and know how to learn more after this project and the challenges in film industry. "Focus" and "does not claim credit" are two biggest impressions on behind-the-scenes production staff. Perhaps this is also the area where we need to improve.