Research elements
(1)How does this project help the needs of the textbooks?
民初器具  In the beginning, we felt the topic was boring. After we learned more about this, we found that Taiwanese Opera is very interesting and attractive. We’d like to let everyone know more about Taiwanese Opera.
(2)Skills aquired

學習過程和經驗  Many software were utilized including Dreamware and Flash and Photoshop.

(3)Experience learned
  Team work, project management and timemanagement.
(4)Technology used


USB flash drive


Record pen

Digital Camara

Card Reader


Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Adobe Flash CS3

Microsoft Office Word 2003

Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Yahoo Messenger


Windows Live Messenger

(5)Became a cultural ambassador

日本人使用龍洗盆  All the teachers and supporters became important bridge of connecting the Taiwanese Opera with general population.

(6)Finding, educating and suprise

  In the beginning, we found that everyone was not interested in this project. After learning more, we started to work together and made our ideas come true. I also found thatwe didn’t prepared enough . After this project, we knew that we had to prepare more before we did something. Although we thought Taiwanese Opera was boring at the first place, we started to like Taiwanese Opera after we studied it. So we gained a brand new experience.

2012 (C) San-Hsin Home Economics & Commerce Vocational High School 『Evolution』 Team