(1)Competition calegory
  High school—Local Music Art
(2)Our”Local Community”

  Taiwanese Opera has been the most popular entertainment for years in Taiwan.Traditional Taiwanese Opera was popular. As time goes by, Taiwanese Opera is not popular with the folks anymore except Ming Huayuan and Chun-Mei Opera Troupe . The fact that the Chun-Mei Opera Troupe was performed by all ages will give the audience a varied and fresh perspective.

民俗公園  We will interview and study the history of Taiwanese Opera. We will show you the history of Chun-Mei Opera troupe, the members of Chun-Mei and performance. While interviewing Miss Chun-Mei, we felt the power of Taiwanese Opera. Everyone in Chun-Mei Opera Troupe is great, and we had to practice every movement again and again. The actors and actresses looked beautiful and different when they wore their customes.
(4)Our Internet evironment
電腦教室  We used the school computers when we stayed in the school.The computer facilities in the school are really nice and the internet is fast. When we went home, we used the online communication for discussion.
(5)Difficult Issues

分工合作  The complexity of work often presented many issues. We have to separate the work into specific tasks. Team work also has to be a top priority during the late stage of the project. Time management was key to a successful result. Finally, we reviewed our entire interview process. We felt our project had a positive outcome.


  This was our first time to attend this competition.we were very happy to be a part of it. Although, the project was very time consuming, we gained valuable experience and had a very postive and enjoyable result. We were very apprecated for all the support.


2012 (C) San-Hsin Home Economics & Commerce Vocational High School 『Evolution』 Team