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Lantern Festival





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iconQuanzhou-style lanterns

The production process is:

(1) Heat bamboo in the steam room for 30 minutes, take them out, and then dry them in a cool dark place.

(2) Use a bamboo-peeling tool to peel the rough surface of the bamboo.

(3) Cut a bamboo strips based on the size of the lanterns.

(4) Use ¡§crossing¡¨ methods for weaving to complete the lantern frame.

(5) In the middle of the lantern frame, wind several pieces of bamboo on the lantern wall.

(6) Frame and paste the lanterns, first install the cotton gauze, then paste the single-light paper for lanterns.

(7) Place lantern in a cool, dark, and ventilated place to dry.

(8) Color the desired image, such as figures, eight immortals, flowers and birds, or ladies.

(9) After coloring, determine whether to write text on it. Wait for the text and images to dry, then apply tung oil to wait for it to dry, after that the lanterns are complete.



iconFuzhou-style lanterns (also known as umbrella lanterns)

The production process is:

(1) Set the bamboo strips with wires on the bamboo platform.

(2) Set one bamboo strip on one trough, then use wire to tie the bamboo into a frame.

(3) Pushing against the ground, gradually open the bamboo frame, until it turns into a cylindrical shape.

(4) Press the bamboo strips with hands, adjust the shape, curvature, and distance between bamboo strips on the lantern.

(5) Tie cotton threads on lantern to hold the bamboo strips.

(6) Cover white gauze on the bamboo strips, fix them in place with paste.

(7) Wait for the gauze to dry and apply gelatin.

(8) After drying, the form of cylindrical umbrella lantern is complete.

(9) Then sketch the image and color.

(10) Finally, install a base on the bamboo base, and make final touches.


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