Get to Know Port Tea

Here we offer you the history of Port Tea and the introduction of Manjhou Township. For those who wish to know Port Tea better and surveys of the local knowledge of Port Tea, please visit this website!

Tea Farmers

We arrived at I-Shin Tea Garden and participated in the tea-making process from beginning to end. The tea-making is so hard a work that reminds us of the famous old Chinese poem ”Who knows how much exhaust help grow the grains in people’s bowl”

The Art of Port Tea

Port Tea is one of the specialties of Taiwan. Its flavor is strong and astringent, so there are several tips to be mentioned before making the Port Tea. Also, do you know the difference between tea species and tea names? To know more about black tea, green tea, Oolong and Jin Xuan, please click here!

Creative Tea Goods

Residents in Manjhou are humble, kind, and dedicated themselves on planting and making of tea. We surprisingly found that nobody had ever thought of another way of promoting tea . As there is a baking club in our school, Mr. Li-Min joined us and together we initiated these creative goods of Port Tea. This section is filled with our innovations!

New Experiences in Homeland of Tea

After the whole research program, we collect the most interesting and impressive part for us here. There is also Mr. Li-Min’s story. By reading his struggles and the story of his family here in Manjhou, we feel more positive and eager to advance.

Program Introduction

Here contains the details of our research program--the treasures of Tea. We also share with you the basic information of our neighborhood, the research environment and our motivations.