Baseball History

     We found that the opinions of the baseball origins were widely divided, there is no affirmative answer. The following are three possibilities:

 From The United Kingdom

     It is said that baseball were developed from cricket ball. There is a book named “A Little Pretty Pocket Book” mentioned the words “base ball,” and the pictures of pitcher, catcher, batter, and fielder are also illustrated.

 From The U.S.A

       It is said that baseball was invented in 1839 by an American named Abner Doubleday, who graduated from the West Point. “First baseball park was invented by Doubleday in 1839,” said Abner Graves, Doubleday’s close friend. The American Baseball Origin Investigation Committee claimed “Baseball was originated from America, and General Doubleday designed its rule in 1839,” so now Doubleday is also known as “the Father of baseball.”

   From Cuba

       There was a fragment of record from the Italian navigator Christophor Colurnbus who landed Cuba at Dec. 27, 1492: The aborigines played “baseter” game with hard stick. In addition to Cuba’s great performance in baseball, they strongly claim that baseball was developed in Cuba.




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