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Due date: 2010/02/10


School name: Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Commercial


Address: No. 3, Wu-fu 2nd Rd, Xing-Xin District, Kaohsiung City, 800


Instructors: Mrs Chang, Mr. Kon, Mrs Liu


Member of participants: 18 students


Age: 15-17


Contact email:


(1) Teacher Xiu-zhu


(2) Teacher Yun-jing


(3) Teacher Yan-hui

Project outline

Competition category:

Local Entrepreneur organization

Our local research outline

 This target aims at Chia Yu Clothing Industry and its factory. It locates in San-ming District, the largest administrative area, which contains various cultural features and lifestyles and most schools, fulfilling cultural atmosphere. Old market and shopping streets are good places for the locals to hunt treasure. Its historical tourist spots and new communities give off a great attitude of generosity.

Out project outline

 We follow our precedents' spirit and focus our research direction on MIT industry. Chia Yu clothing is a world-famous brand with OEM factory. After 23 years of hardworking and perseverance, it becomes a well-known brand, made in Taiwan and researched in Taiwan. Unlike other companies which move their factories to China or Southeast Asia to reduce basic cost, Chia Yu clothing stays in Taiwan and insists in hiring local workers and in using local material to make the best clothes, providing job opportunities and promoting city industry and Taiwan Clothing industry in competing with the international companies. 

Our Internet facility

School Internet and Members' home-use ADSL

Our obstacles and Lessons

1. School work and research on two sides of a scale

We are Business Management and Data Processing students, so we have to learn lots of courses. Beside studying, selling at internship, and outside-school visits and reports, we only discuss and research in computer rooms around nap time and have intensive research on weekends and winter vacation.

2. Difficulties during interviews

When interviewing with the boss, we were excited and nervous. Due to lack of experience of interview, no one dared to raise question. After asking the first one, we realized it was not that hard.

3. difficulties of collecting information

The biggest problem we faced was that we are all freshmen on this project. Information was easy to collect, but organizing it was hard. At first, we were so sloppy. Luckily, we have three good teachers to help us learn from this project.

4. Learn old technological knowledge again in different ways

Frontpage is new to us. Unlike word processing, we do it from the scratch. Making round chart is also new. Doing new information technology on our own helps us understand the advance of it and helps us grow as well.



 We really learn a lot from doing this project. Now we've known how to collect information, how to organize information, and now we learn more than both of them. We expect to help people understand our local clothing industry to build consumers' confidence and make local industry features understood. The final goal is to promote national competitiveness to impress the whole world with real MIT products.



elements of this project





How did we fit in the goal and theme of Taiwan Internet Exhibition?



< 1 >How did this project help school teaching and course requirement?


This project is named “ Go for Taiwan Chia Yu , Go for MIT Clothing.” Data collected, Interviews made, fieldtrip observed, and polls made are combined with school teaching and courses required. We cultivated our abilities to organize knowledge and to solve problems. Here are the examples:


  1. Business introduction

This course helps us facilitate with basic business knowledge in daily life. Take Chia Yu Clothing as a sample, traditional infrastructure run by modern ideas, which is taught in class, are combined with the management of Chia Yu Clothing so that we understand better about the meaning of social responsibility of commerce.

2. Accountancy introduction

After interviewing with the owner of Chia Yu Clothing, Mr. Xie, we realize that the path to successful management is connected to accountancy, including quick asset such as cash, bank saving, and stocks; fixed asset such as land, buildings, and mechanic facilities; intangible asset such as reputation and brand; operating expenses such as wages, employees' welfare, and depreciation.

3.Health and nursing

One of the company's principles is to make good clothes, which is related to the health and nursing of human, considering the function and texture of clothes. For example, Chia Yu Clothing invents new fiber to help emit sweat and humidity from the body instead of accumulating inside clothes, causing uncomfortableness.

4. Project making

Because the environment of modern industry has changed, we observed the feature and traits of clothing market to learn how the result of the interaction between business and outer environment has turned out. We have noticed that human resources is an important factor of economical development.

5.Economy and commerce

Combination of theory and practice is emphasized. Due to this project, we discover and raise question from daily issue with data collecting and application of textbook knowledge. Through teamwork and discussion, we achieved our goal.

Chinese/ History/ Geography

With Chinese and History knowledge, we understand how ancient people found silk and make clothes. In ancient books, dress etiquette and phrases are learned. Themes and chronology are shown on the Internet and matched in world map displayed in Geographical course.




What technology is applied in this project?




telephone and cellphone

Communication between teachers, team members, and interviewee.

Digital camera

    1. Documenting every discussion and activity.
    2. In appreciation of Mrs Chang and Mrs Liu

recording pen

    1. Documenting interview and discussion with teachers, members, and interviewee.
    2. In appreciation of Mrs Chang and KCHS


    1. Scan written information into picture files.
    2. In appreciation of KCHS

hard drive and USB

    1. Documenting collected information and photos
    2. In appreciation of Mrs Chang and every member


Providing relative information such as a program called “clothes in middle island”in public television and “Project Runway” in TLC


    1. Data collecting, organizing, word editing, frontpage making and communication
    2. In appreciation of KCHS


Photoshop CS.CS4

Image processing and improving

Microsoft Word 2003

Word processing and data organizing

Dream Weaver CS4

Frontpage making


Browser of the project


Collecting information and communicating with members

Flash CS4

Flash making


Uploading webpages



    1. Information collecting
    2. In appreciation of KCHS library, Kaohsiung City libraries, and KASU library

Chia Yu Clothing Limited Corporation

Visiting the company and understanding its path to success

Science and technology museum

Visiting related exhibition to collect more information


    1. To understand how people know about what our project is focused on
    2. In appreciation of those who filled in the poll


    1. Gathering information which is not easy to attain
    2. In appreciation of the company's owner



How are we ambassadors?


During the data collecting phase, we use the Internet to collect information. Libraries at school, in the community or at college are also helpful. Besides,
in order to get information other than news reports and official website about Chia-Yiao, we had interviews with the founder of the company, Mr. Xie,
with the factory workers, neighbors, and its customers. In order to complete the project content and to understand what the public know about the
clothing business, we also took a trip to National Science and Technology Museum for further knowledge. In addition, we have made polls for ordinary
public. The above research methods helped us not just research at school, but also interact with the community. Through all that are mentioned, we make
a more complete project as well as knowledge that can't be learned from books.


< 2 > What influence and impact does this project do to us?

What does this project do to you?

Time management is a crucial factor when we do this project. We learned how to assort our time to school study so that we can make good use of every
opportunity to economize our time for more efficient schedule.

Can the local learn something new from your webpage?

 With our websites, the local and the world can get many information on clothes and wears, such as the type of ancient attires, the clothes etiquette and
changes, fashion brands, the development of Taiwan clothing business. The most important is to let them know there is a wonderful industry in
Kaohsiung, which insists on using local material, employing local workers in this present Taiwan society where the local businesses are walking out.


< 3 >Respect for Intelligence and wisdom right, and quotation rules

In this research, we use the Internet resource, school library, newspaper and magazines, to help us collect information. Besides, we also use polls and
interviews to gather first-hand information. The teachers have been telling us, from the beginning of the project, to respect the right of intelligence and
wisdom, and we should be careful of quotation in order not to violate the laws when quoting others' information or pictures. Therefore, documenting the sources of every details is a must.

< 4 >Discovery, Surprise, and Lesson


Through this project, we found the clothes we are on are not so ordinary. We realized that this company insists on not migrating to Mainland China. Its
spirit of rooting in Taiwan permanently is what we should learn.


In 6 months, we have looked for the data we need on the Internet. With thorough interviews and fieldtrips, we gained a first-hand information and
photos. Posted on the project websites and proving what we have learned at school, we not only understand more closely the real situation of the actual
business, but also discovered our amazing potential.


We rarely have the chance to work with classmates, but due to this project and constant revising our paper, we learned to transform passive learning into
active learning. We came to realize the important of group work, and cultivated the abilities of caring for others.





proportion of involvement


Yun-jing Xiu-zhu  Yan-hui

1. research direction
2. advice of improvement
3. technological instruction
4. correction of research
5. proof writing



Yu-fen Jia-Zhen Zhi-jun Yan-Zhen Pei-Zhen Pei-ting Yu-ting Hui-ming 

1. setting up project title
2. making schedule
3. data collecting and organizing
4. poll making and interview outline
5. interview and poll
6. photographing
7. organizing data
8. analyzing poll result
9. frontpage making and editing
10. proof writing


Staffs and Boss from Chia Yu company

1. interview taking
2. providing company management and regulations
3. store visiting and photographing
4. poll taking


People without telling names around the world

related information



poll taking