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 Book Name Editor/Writer Publisher
Yong-Chang  Chang:
A little vendor to a big enterpriser
 Xiu-Qing Wu
IF Culture Co., LTD.
Super Store Management:
Tips from 100 excellent store managers
Taiwan Chain Stores and Franchise Association
Linking Books Co., LTD.
Formosa Chang
 Jin-Zhu  Wu
Unitas udngroup Co., LTD.
Made in Taipei
 Zhen Jiang , Wei-Qian Chang
Taipei City Goverment

Journals and Articles

Title of the article Writer Article source
Daddy's Smell: Minced Pork Stew with Rice

 Mei-Yun Shan
Nextmedia Weekly 2008.03.24 p.74~p.77
The Legend of Minced Pork Stew with Rice
 Hua-Wei Bao
FamilyMart Monthly 2008.11 p.14~p.15
Traditional Snack Food:
From hometown to nations
 Wen-Juan Li , Jia-Jin Wu
UNIQUE BUSINESS WEEKLY 2008.07.27 No.119  p.126~p.127

Yung-Chang Chang:
The key to success---"Law of Attraction"

 Rui-De Shi
Wealth Magazine Monthly 2008.10 p.116~p.120
The Capital of Delicious Food
 Mei-Zi Lin
Globel Views Magazine Monthly 2008.12 p.22~p.28
University Society:
Strength is the guarantee; education for reference only
Yu-Ting Chen
Career consulting Monthly No.128 p.93~p.94
The Pop Marketing of Formosa Chang
 Jian-Hao Chen
Globel Views Magazine Monthly 2009.8 p.88~p.89
Persistence: the Shortest Way to Success  Li-De Chang Myhomelife Monthly
2009.10 p.79~p.84