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Welcome to 2010 Taiwan School Cyberfair
《 The Monographic Study Report 》

The related information about the monographic study website

The summary of this monographic study

The elements of this monographic study

The related information about the monographic study website
1. Connect to the monographic study website (Spare Web)
2. Connect to the homepage of Quan-Miou Wu Jia Elementary School website
3. 3. The finishing date of the monographic study website: February 25th
4. School name: Quan-Miou We Jia Elementary School in Tainan County
5. Conducting teachers and team students: Li Chih-Ming、Lin Cai-Fu、Chou I-Liang and the students from 6D、6F
6. The student number of this team: 10 6th grade students
7. The students’ age: 12-13 years old
8. 8. E-mail address of the monographic study: admin@wjles.tnc.edu.tw

The related information about the monographic study website

The summary of this monographic study

The elements of this monographic study

The summary of this monographic study

1. The category of our monographic study: local products and specialty
2. The explanation of our local community:
We define our local products as Quan-Miou Noodles and we did the research in all aspects. Quan-Miou is well-known as the noodles. Many famous media and popular delicacy TV programs have hotly reported about it. Even the neighboring county, Guei-Ren, has been set up in Quan-Miou noodles factories. Inside Quan-Miou county, there are almost 25 noodle factories. This monographic study is aimed at researching the characteristic and historical factories for gluttons. Based on these useful information, they can pick up their best choices.

3.A sketch of this monographic study: Due to the National Highway No.3 and the Expressway No.86 are opened to vehicular traffic, more and more people visit to Quan-Miou. And Quan-Miou Noodles have already become the necessary souvenirs for the visitors. Many people like to eat Quan-Miou Noodles, but rare of them know the producing process. All our research team want to introduce the specialty and developing history of Quan-Miou Noodles via this website. Sincerely invite everyone to visit our website and take an Internet Quan-Miou trip.

4.The Internet environment: The area Internet of our computer classroom is established with B2D. We use a optical fiber to connect with Taiwan Academic Network. And the students use their personal computer at home to connect to Internet by ADSL. 
5.The difficulties we have to conquer: It was really difficult for all the team members to gather together on weekends. Many students have to go to cram schools. So it’s quite commendable for the team to accomplish the monographic study. Besides, almost every student never had the experience to make a website. All of them tried their best to accomplish it.
6.Reflections: It was the first time for the students to make a website and interview with managers. All of the team members did their job cautiously. When interviewing the managers of those factories, the students were really impressed by their conscientious attitude. These precious experiences will be very useful for the students.

The related information about the monographic study website

The summary of this monographic study

The elements of this monographic study

The elements of this monographic study

Please explain how the monographic study meets the aim of this Taiwan School Cyberfair.

(1)   How can you use the researching process and activities of this monographic study to support the students’ learning at school?During the researching process, the students learned how to collect useful information and deeply understood the native culture which was easily ignored in the school curriculum.  And the students also shared all these valuable information with people around the world via the Internet

(2)   What kinds of digital techniques did you use to accomplish the monographic study?We used digital video and recorder to film and record all the interviewing process and introduction.  And digital camera were used to shoot all the related information of accomplishing the website. We also applied Freamweaver, Frontpage, Flash, Photoimpact and GMAIL to accomplish our website.

 (3) How did you play the role of cyberfair ambassador or spokespeople? l We used MSN to chat with those people who also took join in the cyberfair. And we often checked our message board to answer all the message from other teams
 (4) What kinds of influence and impact did your monographic study stir up in your hometown? l With the convenience traffic, Quan-Miou Noodles are gradually spread out from our native country. Those tasty noodles are not only hotly sold in Taiwan, but exported to Europe, USA, Austria and New Zealand. We hope those people who visited our website can experience the historical inheritance and cultivation of Quan-Miou Noodles.
 (5) How did you native residents support you to finish this monographic study? l We sincerely thanked Shang-Jhih, De-Sing, Sie-Jin Noodles Factories and other managers to help us. With the connection of our Parents Association, Teachers Wu Jheng-Sin and Ye Rong-Tian, we could successfully proceeded the process of the monographic study. And we really appreciated that all the managers enthusiastically accepted our interview and answered all the questions.
(6) Discovery, Instruction and Amazement l The discoveries of the monographic study were all the characteristics of those noodels factories and noodles producing process. We were all amazed by our native culture, historical background and the innovative spirit. All the noodles factories own their unique characteristics and background history. We tried our best to describe all the specialities of them. But it was still very difficult to narrate all the researching process exhaustively in the limited pages.

(7) The contribution explanation of this monographic study
Team members Working items Percent Little Reporter


Cai Min-Syue

Cai Jhih-Ling

Huang Yu-Cyun

Jheng Siao-Rong

Yang Jin-Yue

Lin Zih-You

 Yang Yi-Cian

  Lu Yi-Ling

  Jiang Wan-Ci

  Li Wei-Jia

1. intervieving the related people

2. photographing and recording

3. taking down the interviewing contents          

4. editing the paper information

5. framing the interviewing outline

6. writing the progress report

  7. collecting the information

  8. making the web pages


Guiding Teachers             

Li Jhih-Ming      

Lin Cai-Fu                

Jhou Yi-Liang 



1. holding the team meeting

2. analying and concluding the monographic study 

3. guiding the students to make the web

4. framing the plan and name of this monographic study

5. assisting the students to operate the computer techniques

6. guiding the students to report the monographic study


Assisting Teachers

Wu Jheng-Sin

Ye Rong-Tian



1 contacting the interviewers                   

2. assisting the website setting

Head of the parents association and the managers of noodles factories 1.accepting the interviewing

2.providing the guide and explanation of the noodles factories