1. Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau,M.O.T.C.


3. Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation


5. Kaohsiung Commerce & Trade Development Association

7. Public Works Bureau


9. Wikipedia



1. Transport axis by sea for 60 years

3. Harbor new knowledge news


5. Culture guide manual of Kaohsiung(The cultural foundation of legal person's Kaohsiung mountain of financial group issues)



1. Director General Hsieh of Kaoshiung Harbor Bureau


3. The supervisor Chen of KHB tolk to our members about Kaohsiung port in detail.


2. Kaohsiung City Government

4. Kaohsiung Travel Online


6. Vision of the Waterfront Redevelopment


8. Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Company
























2. KaoPort Newsletter

4. Newpaper









2. The head of a subdivision of Jyuejiang district



4. We often interview residents of Kaohsiung Port. Through their opinions of the investigation, we come to understand the views of masses on the harbor of Kaohsiung and then analyze the sightseeing stage of Kaohsiung.


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