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“Master Chef” in Nei-Men Town The Producers of Delicacies and Happiness
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Hometown of “Zhong Po Shai”
Changes in Society and Economy
The “Yi Zheng” (art-performing group) culture

Changes in Society and Economy

Nei-Men Town is located in the inland of Taiwan where it is mountainous without much plains and the soil is not fertile enough to cultivate any crops. Industries and businesses are hard to develop in this area due to the lack of good conditions of the environment and problems on transportation.
1.Agriculture: In the early days, Taiwan gained fame and fortune from agriculture; the famous Four Great Plains used to be the granaries of Taiwan. But since Nei-Men Town is located in the remote, mountainous areas which host little plains, residents rely on growing and weaving bamboos and creating bamboo-crafts to make a living.  However, all this weren’t enough to support the living for the people in the whole Nei-Men Town, which is why people in Nei-Men Town lived such a poor life.

2.Livestock Industry:
The livestock industry used to have a golden reputation in Nei-Men Town. Even though the livestock industry can continue to greatly improve the residents’ economy, it is unfortunate that due to severe pollution problems and lack of environmental improvements for the livestock industry that the once-golden reputation has become ephemeral which shines for a moment and instantly downfalls afterward.

Transportation is the most important element of developing an industry. Even though Nei-Men Town is not as big as mainland China, as with the conditions of the early days, going over mountains and valleys is still an important essential for transportation today. Therefore, industry-developments in Nei-Men Town are near impossible. Even with the transportation convenience now, developing industries in Nei-Men Town is still very difficult.
Due to the fact that Nei-Men Town is mountainous, does not have the strength to support agriculture, and is located in the inland, Nei-Men Town does not hold favorable conditions of doing business with others. Even if the residents wanted careers in business, they will be forced to leave home for several years due to current transportation conditions. Therefore, the idea of improving the economy by doing business in Nei-Men Town is almost hopeless.