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The Interviewees of Our Research:
Mr. Shi-Rong Chen

Mr. Shi-Rong Chen

He is the mayor of Shulin City.


Miss Gui-Chun Gua

Miss Gui-Chun Guan

She works in Wulin Elementery School, and she grows up in Sulin City.

Miss Rui-Zhen Fan

Miss Rui-Zhen Fan

She had been a teacher in Wulin Elementery School. She is Hakkas and often uses anka to cook.

Miss Gui-Mei Chen Huan

Miss Gui-Mei Chen Huang

She is the leader of Zhung-Te Chinese medicine shop now and is sixty years old. Her father in law founded the shop eighty years ago.

Miss Shen
Miss Shen Two Miss Shen, owners of Jin Ben Feng Drugstore which has located in Shulin for more than 40 years.

Mr. Zhao-hua Xu
Miss Fu-zhen He

Mr. Zhao-hua Xu and Miss Fu-zhen He

They are the leaders of First Monascus Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(FMBC) .In 1954, the First Monascus Biotechnology Company (FMBC) began to engage in food producing. At that time, the main continuation of the previous generation was the soybean sauce manufacturing technology. Nine years ago, the FMBC started their Monascus career and began to research in Monascus field.