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Visiting the Manager of Sports Office Taipei County Government




I was very nervous as I was told to visit the Manager. But when I saw the Manager, I was not so nervous because he looked amiable and nice. I felt totally relaxed when finishing the interview and preparing to go back home. I must practice for several times before I do the interview next time. I got some very valuable experiences when I did the survey or interview. Hope those experiences help me a lot in my life. These experiences will become the most unforgettable memory I have ever had.

I am also grateful to our teacher Mr. Cheng Shaolung for giving me this opportunity to participate in this contest. This is a very honorable thing. I hope we can win a victory for our school!




After visiting the Manager, I realized that there are so many stories about the Sports Park. Our questions have 3 categories: the first one is the old Hsinchuang Stadium; the second one is the present Hsinchuang Stadium; and the third one is the future Hsinchuang Stadium. I ask 2 questions. We have 10 questions totally. We have 5 students and each student asked 2 questions. The Manager’s answers are so complete that really resolved our doubts. The Manager gave each of us 2 Frisbees as a gift. The Frisbee can fly very high. We thanked the Manager. Later, we went to the playground and saw many primary school’s sports teams, including our school’s sports team. They run really fast! How we envy them! On our way back home, we were still thinking about our trip of survey. We really look forward to next survey! Thank you Mr. Cheng!




Today we went to visit the Manager and get to know more about our Hsinchuang Stadium to almost achieve eight percent of the understanding. Next time, I must come to visit again. Now I know it used to be a low-lying swamp area. Since the Hsinchuang Sports Park was built, it has become a good place for the nearby residents to exercise and reduce the stress. I felt it very difficult to do the second questionnaire survey because we had been rejected by a lot of people. Before I talked to the people, I needed to prepare myself psychologically. However, I finished all the questionnaires in the end. Our teacher treated us iced drink for our hard working. Unexpectedly, I had a headache on my way home, our teacher came to my house to look after me until Mom came home. I am really grateful to our teacher!




I was very excited for this visit because I had even seen the Manager before. at first, I was very nervos, but after seeing the Manager, I falt relaxed because he was a nice person.

I was happy after the visting because     I got to know more people such as the Manager.Wow,this is an exciting and unforgettable visiting experience to me!I was very upset at the second-time questionnaire survey because lots of people did not help us to fill in the questionnaire.Thus,we would fail to get the accurate information.But there wrer still many nice people who were willing to fill in the questionnaire,I think this world must be full of different sorts of strange people.I am excited about that!




I obtained lots of knowledge about the Hsinchuang Stadium during the visit.For example,the Hsinchuang Stadium was a low-lying swamp before,it is now a place the nearby residents will go to,regardless of the old,the young,men or women,they all like to go to exercise over there everday.In the morning,many young residents,white-collar people will go to Stadium to play Taijiquan(the Martial arts),the Yunji Dance and the Folk Dance,In the afternoon or evening,there will be many activities held on the Baseball court or Sunshine Meadow.These are somethings impressed me.after this visit,I have got many experiences.Although I was truly nervous before the visit,I got an unforgettable memory about the Manager.It was quiet exhausting to do the survey.I helped my partners with their questionnaires.And I was rejected by many people because they had no time or could not read.It was very possible to get rejection,we needed to be ready for that rejection before asking people.Those who were nice to help us,mostly were the old people or mothers with children.after this visiting experience,I fell much braver for it needs courage to ask people to fill in the questionnaire and to be rejected so many times.However,I am courageous now and hope to do the survey again!



Changlung Primary School,
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